Zensor 1 ax subwoofer output issues


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hey all,

I bought a couple pairs of the dali zensor 1 ax speakers a couple months ago and tried hooking up my subwoofer to them using the dedicated subwoofer output.

I am using my owm homemade subwoofer system using 2 jl audio subs and amps. I used this system with an old stereo mini hifi system which also had a dedicated subwoofer output and this works fine, even now.

When I try connecting it to my dali zensors, I get a distorted sound and very loud humming coming from them for some unknown reason. Also usually I set the gain on them using a 50hz sinewave and a volt meter on the outputs. The voltmeter usually will give me a consistent value that only changes as I change the gain but when I try to do this through the zensors this value is inconsistent and always changing.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Sounds like some sort of ground loop issue. A bit odd as the Dali are class II (double insulated), so have no earth. If you unplug the phono lead from the Dali to the Sub and then just touch the screen (outer)of the phono cable to the outer of the Sub connection do you hear the buzzing? Is so, it must be a ground loop issue (50 Hz leakage current).

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