Zen V+ New Owner.2 Questions


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Having purchased my first MP3 player I am very pleased with the results.Two questions.
1.How do you stop/playback/delete mic recordings?
2.Should the battery be let to run down completely before charging?How long does it take to charge from the mains?Can the battery be damaged by over charging?
Many thanks

Artie Fufkin

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Congrats on your purchase. I've had a Zen V+ for a good while now and love it more and more as time goes on.

To answer Q1:
You stop a mic recording by pressing the record button again.
You'll find your mic recordings in "Music Library" > "Recordings" where they are listed by date and time.
To delete a mic recording, highlight the one you want and hold down [not just a quick press] the back arrow - this'll give you the option to "delete track".

For Q2, I usually let the battery get to one bar then I'll charge fully, whether this is correct practice, I don't know. I've not charged from the mains, only via USB and that takes a while. Overcharging will not damage the battery.

I haven't looked in for a while, but there is a good active forum here: http://forums.creative.com/creativelabs/board?board.id=dap


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Many thanks for your reply

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