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I'm about to buy a new Zen Micro for my daughter. She has her music files stored on WMP 10, some of which were transferred from I-Tunes. I have only USB 1.0 on the PC.
Two questions - is there any compatibility issue with transferring the files from Media Player to the Zen?? Will the original I-Tunes files present a transfer problem or wil they have been converted at the switch to MP10?

Any thoughts advice most welcome..............thanks. :) :lease:


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I have some thoughts but I stand to be corrected..............

USB 1.0 is compatible with USB 2.0 but you wont get the quicker transfer rates.(I used my creative zen xtra on my old pc with usb 1.0 no problems- just slower than usb 2.0)

With regards to the i-tunes question,providing she downloaded the files from i-tunes in MP3 format she should have no trouble in transfering them onto the zen micro, although she may need to check the licensing arrangements for her tracks, should she have sync'd them with other MP3 players in the past.

Hope this helps..........


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The new firmware for the Zen Micro (see the Creative website, if it doesn't come pre-installed) allows the player to work with WMP 10. But so does the old frimware, as long as you load the drivers first. The new firmware allows you to use any PC with WMP10, so you don't need the drivers. I think they call it Play For Sure. Some people have had issues with upgrading the firmware, some haven't. I have not done it yet.

I use USB 1.0 on my Windows 98 PC and it works great, its not slow either, just not as fast.

Its a great gadget...i'm delighted with mine, fully recommend it!

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