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i've lost my debit card, i'm about to order a new one but suddenly realised all my zavvi preorders are on the old card. I have read on here that sold out steelbooks become available again due to declined payments, i'm worried about losing my indiana jones preorders.

If I cancel the card, will zavvi give me a chance to change the payment method come release date, or should I keep looking for my card?



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If there's payment problems on your order i think they hold your order for a week and give you the options of trying the card again or entering another card (they did with me) so you should be ok at leaving it how it is and when they try to charge your card you can then log on to your account and enter another card.

I'd be reluctant to ask Zavvi as they have a tendency to just ignore what you've said and cancel your order, it's a risky game to play.

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I would look absolutely everywhere first before you do anything. Coat pockets, jeans pockets, work pockets, underneath paperwork, underneath your cuppa, inside a steelbook case... ;)

You have a while to sort a new card out so as above, you can enter another card when necessary.
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Its address changes on pre orders that are the massive problems. Last year i had pre ordered the Indiana Jones set but after it kept getting delayed i relaised i would be moving house and as there wasn't a confirmed release date i couldn't set uo the Royal Mail forward address system. I asked Zavvi if i could change the address on the pre order only to be told no. By this time it had sold out so i had to cancel which at the time i was really chessed off about.

Luckily it came back and i get all my stuff sent to my workplace now. Am now know as that slighly weird guy who likes metal case blu rays :)

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