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andy mc

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Hi All - I think I have caught upgrade fever.

Currently using a Zappiti One SE 4k HDR with a single 16TB drive. I am a huge fan of the technology. More recently, as I continue ti fill up the unit with my DVDs and Bluerays - I’ve noticed its responsiveness slowing down.

The main movie (app) menu is fine but when I drop into the tiled view - it is really slow to load the images - commonly 5 seconds per page (4 pages of movies). And when selecting a movie - the loading of movie specifics and images is must slower too. I guess some data is cached locally? And some also pulled from ‘the cloud’.

Nonetheless - I have at least the same number of movies again to copy over and I wonder if the slow down will continue? Does anybody have similar experiences?

So whilst there might be some fine tuning to do, I have read that the Pro boxes are super fast in all these regards and I would quite like a Pro 4k HDR. But I have some questions that I am struggling to find answers for … I hope you guys can help.

1) If I go from the One Se to a PRO - can I just physically unplug my existing HDD and move it into the new unit and all the movies will be available?
2) Can I run the Pro with just one HDD installed for now and add the second at a later date without impacting the movies?

andy mc

Established Member
For future reference and after a bit of winging it - I can say the answers are Yes and Yes.

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