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Hi, i know this sounds wierd, but i find it fun to watch stuff shake on the sub, my old sub used to be able to shake stuff on top, but my Z5500 sub cant, i thought subs are supposed to vibrate :s

Also, is it ok to place my sub inside a cabinet, will this increase the bass even more?


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Very strange, you are a very strange person,
However what is good is placing a candle in front of the speaker and watching the flame dance.

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All that energy making stuff on top of the sub shake, is energy that the cabinet is supposed to contain from reaching the outside world.

The more stuff shakes the worse the cabinet and therefore sub. You choose.



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willz said:
Hmm,wont it just blow it over lol or blow the flame out? :p
The pressure change causes the flame to increase or decrease in size to the beat

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