Z5500 problems


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Hi, i have had the Logitech Z-5500 speakers for some time, i have them in my bedroom, i would say about 6x5m, the thing is, i dont really know were to place the sub, when i am in the middle of my room or even just turn my head from were i my pc is, there is hardly any bass, is in a corner the best place to position the sub? and would it be best to have it diagonal on the corner so the port is not tottaly facing the wall?

Another thing is, the bass, i just dont find that the sub is powerfull enough, on quite alot of occasions i have experience a clicking sound from the sub, apprently it is that i am bottoming out the sub or somthing :s as the cone is moving out of control :s, i would of thought i should of been able to have the sub on maximum and turn the volume up to max too, maybe put the z5500,s driver in a bigger box? i dont think the actual sub is big enough tbh and maybe in a bigger box it would produce more bass?

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