Z4 on its way Monday!


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Just ordered my Sanyo Z4 from ivojo. I needed a flexable projector to be able to place it right at the back of my new living room (26'x13') as my BENQ 8700+ has a short throw and would have to be placed in the centre of the room. I'm hoping (ok praying) that the PQ will match the BENQ, and at least i wont see rainbows any more!. Can anyone recommend a universal ceiling mount for the Z4?.

Also i will soon be selling my Benq 8700+ with around 200 hrs on it, does anyone know what sort of price i should be asking for it?.

Thanks folks.


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None of that is important! You just need to have a detailed review posted by mid-day Monday or you'll face a lynching by half the forum ;)



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Well if you guys can help me out with my questions then i'll see what i do about a review!. K davies at ivojo said that is might be Tuesday at the latest so i'll keep you posted. I should have waited for a review myself, but phoned ivojo and they had a couple in stock :devil: ,then before i knew it i'd ordered one :oops: . I don't know nearly as much as you guys about projectors, the whole market seems to be moving soooo fast!!!. I was going to buy an Optoma H79 but could'nt get hold of one. The Z4 seems to fit the bill nicely, can be placed almost anywhere, its quiet, no rainbows, its amazing value, and the pq....well just have to see :clap: . My poor old Benq 8700 has been sitting in a box for two months now as it had to be packed away so i could sell the flat and move into my new house (i move a week today). I cant wait to watch a movie or 12 on the big screen agen!.


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Hey guys, here is my opinion on the Z4.

Z4 arrived this morning!. Baring in mind that i have white walls and a 3m wide screen, i have to say that i'm very impressed so far. It is fed a progressive component signal from an arcam 88+ via an avr300. From where i'm sitting there is no screen door, no VB, and although blacks aren't as quite as good as my BENQ 8700+ they are not far off. Colour and contrast are good out of the box, as is everything else really, but i'll give you more information when i've run some calibration disks, which i'll be doing later on tonight. The scaler seems better than the benq and the picture is very sharp too. Movement is also very smooth.The Z4 is also very quite, much quieter than the benq (at least 5dbs quieter, and it never distracted me at all during viewing, which is a major plus). It is incredibly easy to set up and position and seems very flexible. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of difference between the different lamp modes but eco mode seem fine in black out conditions. The lense cover is a neat touch and should help against dust once i get installed properly when i move house on friday. Any help from all you Z3/Z4 owners with regards to setting this thing up would be great, and i'll let you all know how i get on.

I know you lot aren't interested :boring: , but i still need to know how much you guys think i could get for my benq with a couple of hundred hours on it???. Any recommended ceiling brackets???. :lease:

Hope i've been of use to all you future Z4 owners, i've still got allot of tweaking to do, so i'll try and give a more detailed review later. So far its the best LCD i've ever seen and is amazing value for money.


Welcome to the club...

Glad you commented on the lamp modes - I can't see much difference between them on my Z4 and was wondering if mine had a fault.

Enjoy :)


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If it's like the Z3 you get an ever so slightly punchier picture, but at the expense of a louder fan. In black out conditions it's immaterial so I always use the quietest mode.




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Hey Slartyb, have you had much of a chance to play with the settings yet? how have you got yours set up?. My friend was meant to come round tonight with some calibration discs to help me set it up, but he cant make it untill tomorrow. I'm pretty much running on default, bar a few things untill i can do it properly.


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I'm looking at the Z4 as a possible purchase, but I want to get a large picture from a 3.8 metre throw. What is the maximum screen width the Z4 can achieve from this distance?

Congratulations on your purchase. At what distance does screen door and VB become visible. I hoping to get a 2.5m wide screen, but can only place seating from 2.7m away from screen. Your help would be most appreciated.

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