Z4 and S-video


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Does anyone know of any issues with the Z4's and S-video?

I finally set up my av equipment (had it months, finished renovating today), and have a 12m Bettercables S-video cable which has been embedded in walls etc. Not getting any picture from the projector, just the blue screen. Tried changing the PAL/NTSC etc settings but still nothing. Also tried a 1m Ixos S-video cable but nothing either.

I reckon it could be really simple, but have no idea. That or my new projector is bust.....


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I've tried two cables, both brand new, and neither worked. I'll try them on a TV this morning....

Mr Rather Rude

What are you running the svideo lead from?
If your running it from a freeview box then make sure that the output setting is set to s-video - The default setting will be composite..
This may be the reason, otherwise its probably a naff lead..

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