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Hi All,

I am looking into potentially buying a Z3. I have not seen one running so will be buying blind - no comments please :)

I have a couple of questions.

The projector will be approximately 2.3m from the screen (wall to wall).
I am looking to make my own fixed screen which would be the following dimensions. 120cm wide x 67.5 cm high. I cannot really go any larger than this due to speaker positioning on the wall.


1 - Can anyone see any problems with the distance and the size of screen I am looking to project?

2 - Whats the procedure with startup/shutdown of a projector. Is it left powered all the time and set into a standby mode?

3 - Has anyone experienced HDMI issues. I'm looking at getting a HDMI player (3910 or DV79) at some point in the near future. While I am running cables I might aswell put HDMI-HDMI cable in the wall and then use an adaptor to DVI for my PC (temporary). Then just remove the adaptor (or get a switcher box) when I finally purchase the DVD player.

4 - Am I making too much of an assumption that HDMI to DVI into my PC will be fine or would I be better advised to run a normal VGA cable into the wall at the same time just in case.

5 - Does anyone know the approximate replacement bulb costs?



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1. Your measurements suggest you will be ok (just) based on a 2m throw distance - move speakers (go bigger :D )


2. standard PJ Power on/off...with warm up and cool down procedures. Better (for bulb) to have one longer session that two shorter ones on the same day perhaps (might be wrong there?!?)

3. previous known issue with HDMI locking - you have to switch off PJ with no cool down! (search for thread) but appears resolved with 1.0 to 1.xx (1.01 currently i think) firmware upgrade which i had done by Owl Video Systems

4. Run both as vga and hdmi can come in useful if you have dual displays - eg i briefly tried an LCD TV as a display via DVI and ran the vga to Z3. Now run PC with hdmi cable via DVI adapter and it is fine. Not much of a difference between the two, You will be happy with either once calibrated.

5. £280+vat'ish (retail Owl quote today)

hope that helps


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Thanks for that info digger - I have now got in my sticky mitts a shiny new Z3 :thumbsup: - my father was not impressed with the speaker moving idea after he had plastered the cable runs into the wall - luckily I fine :cool:

I have one question though - I mounted it on a level shelf in my room to test the image size - you were just about right its slightly bigger than I estimated but fine none the less :)

Is it an optical illusion that the startup blue image is not rectangular when projected onto the wall. I have adjusted the keystone etc and levelled the image but the right hand side seems slightly larger at the edge. (Maybe its just my eyes getting used to it?) Am I missing some extra menu settings that adjust the picture.

I don't know what connections you are using but progressive component looked awesome, my svideo cable from xbox looked a bit more washed out (was still good) - time for component xbox cables I think.

Not even tried PC or HDMI yet :eek:

Any tips on settings or is it suck it and see with my home made MDF screen?


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It sounds like you haven't quite got the projector perpendicular to the screen, i.e. try twisting the projector very slightly.

Bristol Pete

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Had my xbox hi-def kit delivered from MX2 this week. Very, very disapointed.

There are obvious vertical bands in the picture of different colours, that were not there when connected via s-video :(

Very odd.



If I were you I would first set keystone to 0, then move the projector itself untill you get an equally square screen. I did it by eye and then measured it and ended up with the 60 in screen 1mm larger at the right. Keystone correction should be avoided as much as possible.

As to the washed out pic, this could be down to the settings, you need to calibrate it with a dvd player and test disk ideally, although the ammount of ambient light can affect wether it looks washed out or not.



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Hi All,

I am currently looking at getting a new HDMI player. Have any of you (or are) used a Pioneer 868 or Denon 3910. I'm looking at this 2 because of their overall reviews but also that I can use their onboard scaling abilities for 720p and 1080i into the Z3 (rather than buying an external scaler).



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It might be worth also comparing the upscaling Panasonic S97, although it's probably down-range compared with the Denon? Its firmware has just been updated and in the discussions at www.avsforum.com (see "panasonic s97 firmware" and "panasonic s97 brain dump" threads, first and last few pages of each) it seems that it's really quite good now. The only thing it doesn't do is convert pal to ntsc or vice-versa, but that shouldn't be necessary anyway. You can get if for £199 + delivery, multi-region, at http://www.totaldigital.biz/product_info.php/products_id/857

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