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Jan 5, 2004
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I bought a Z2 yesterday and have watched almost 8 hours already - there are some advantages to "working" from home! It looks GREAT so far, no VB or dead pixels spotted either (I had seen VB in the demo I had in the shop). Just watching through prog scan component input from a Sony 730.

I haven't yet calibrated the PJ although I did reduce the contrast to -30 and increase gamma to +7, which removed the overly hot image I had at first and opened up the dark areas. The only negative issue I'm having is the reds, which are too strong and make everyone look sunburnt. Just turning down the red setting doesn't really do the trick. Setting the color temp to "high" overrides the other colour settings and helps a bit but not enough. Has anyone else spotted this and sorted it out?

Also, I'm wondering whether it would be best to calibrate with the 730 in Standard image mode or in Cinema mode. The latter looks better in terms of black detail but I don't want to have two offsetting compensations when I come to calibrate the PJ (if you know what I mean).

I also haven't worked out how to get into "factory mode" or "service mode" which I sometimes see referred to in Z2 postings.

Thanks for all of your help in getting this far!

Just to reply to my own posting...

Avia calibration reduced overall saturation and made the reds far less noticeable. To my eyes, there is still a slight red push but generally the picture is now really good. Still haven't found any dead pixels and I just watched the infamous scene from LOTR TT with elf, dwarf and man running past grey skies and saw only the very slightest hint of VB - certainly wouldn't have noticed it if I hadn't been really looking in the right place at the exact moment (or series of moments). So I'm not going to start fiddling in the service or factory menus - not least because I don't know how to get into them!

I'm still playing with Standard vs Cinema 1 mode on the Sony DVD player. I think I marginally prefer the latter with my PJ settings as they are.

the consumer controls dont actually allow you to fix the red thing. They can remove it by using the high setting, but this results in a very blue image. This is because the exagerated red is only over a limited range, red is in fact deficient in other areas. By changing the consumer settings, you basically make the red go up everywhere and blue down everywhere. So not good.

Best way, if you get brave, go to service menu and adjust #17 downwards until you are happy. This should effect only the red, and only in the area where you have the problem. There are of course many more things you can do, but you might well be happy enough just doing that.

Originally posted by AndrewB
I'm still playing with Standard vs Cinema 1 mode on the Sony DVD player. I think I marginally prefer the latter with my PJ settings as they are

With 730/Z2 I started on standard then went to Cinema 1 - which I thought was quite a big improvement. Now I have decided I prefer Cinema 2 but in this mode the "sunburn effect" has reappeared so a bit of extra tweaking might be required.
I now have a very good picture with little to no sunburn effect, a very nice contrast range and good black details. I'm using Cinema1 mode from the Sony 730 on prog scan. The PJ is set to mid color temp, contrast -31, gamma +7, and the tint and color settings are just a few steps off 0 (I think -2 ish) as determined with Avia.

I expect there is some more tweaking to be done but I am very happy with the image now on films. There is no noticeable VB and my PJ is very new so it may have a more recent firmware than Buns's one (not sure how I check - I've been too busy watching films to play with the menus sufficiently).

I haven't been into the service or factory menus.

I think your benefit is gained with contrast setting. It seems that Z2's are not actually that red at all, rather they are so at medium brightness but the picture is in fact distinctly blue green at high IRE (simply because the bulb runs out of red). In setting the contrast so low, you shift that green blue area off the end of your scale and high brightness now shifts. So it is no longer so blue green and you wont notice the red anywhere so much. At least this is my theory. I myself run the Z2 with a dramatically low setting.

Interesting theory. Makes me wonder if the bulb colour balance is going to change with use or whether it will always be red deficient (if the theory is correct). Also makes me wonder why Sanyo would put a bulb like that in a projector in the first place!!
the balance will change over time, mine has changed alot since i first got it. Whether it sets to balanced is another question altogether!

The reason for sanyo using this bulb is that they are the ones available, alot of manufacturers will encounter the same issues. My feeling is simply that sanyo has pushed the bulb too far in an attemopt to up the specs. If you ask me, they should have accepted 75% of the lumen value and the color balance would have been endlessly better. Perhaps other manufacturers tend towards this

Originally posted by buns
the balance will change over time, mine has changed alot since i first got it.

Was wondering whether you are able to track the change using Colorfacts? If so - which way is the balance going?
I would be able to track it.... but i can only give a quantitive view since i couldnt have been bothered keeping records (as much as i like tweaking it, it gets a bit dull eventually). I am overdue to have another go at it, just tidy things up a bit, so i will make a judgement based on a measurement then. However, it is my feeling that the red which is deficient is starting to catch up a little bit, i certainly have the feeling that my picture is getting a bit too red for my liking...... will have a look maybe tonight (depending if i cant find something better to do!).

all the best

Know what you mean about tweaking getting somewhat dull after a while! :) If the red does become more prominent over time might explain why I am clocking more red as well. I must have about 200+ hours on the bulb by now ……
i havent got that far just yet...... i have been away the last month so not much watching

ok...... so it hasnt really changed on me, just fractionally, i must be getting too sensitive!


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