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Jan 4, 2004
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Hi all,

I'm about to take the Z2 plunge. I need to plug in a Toshiba SD-200E DVD player (RGB scart and component outputs) and SKy Digibox (RGB scart output).

The Z2 has DVI and component in. I thought of running a component cable to a component -> scart RGB converter, then twin scart leads to both sources.

But that way doesn't let me take advantage of the compnent out of the DVD. I also thought of a component RGB switch box, and a scart -> component converter connected to the Sky box. But I haven't seen any component switchers out there.

As far as component -> scart converters go, is there any difference between something like http://www.maplin.co.uk/products/module.asp?CartID=040301091737550&moduleno=35936
http://www.shootandshow.com/AV equipment/js_rgb_component.htm

Yes, I know the second one is much more expensive, but I mean in terms of PQ!

Any thoughts appreciated. At the end of the day I just want to connect both sources with the best PQ possible, with value in mind as well.

Why not run component to PJ from your DVD player & scart to PJ from your Sky box?

That's what i'd do.

Scart to what on the projector though? Anyway I have decided to run both the DVD and digibox into a scart splitter, and then via a component converter to the projector. Is this a daft idea? I ordered the Syncblaster and Btech Qunitro from Keene.

The JS Technology boxes look good, but too pricey for my level, I feel.
I used the s-video for the sky connection, with all the artifacts that sky can show up (even on a 51" tv.) the picture is more that acceptable.

i have a sony 930 running progressive component and xbox running component switched through a sony strdb2000 amp...

the lead length was 10m for the s-video but the quality was just as good as a 2m more expensive lead....

imo, sky is not worth watching via a pj because of the artifacts (mpeg compression), unless the big game is on then of course you can forgive the artifacts for 90 mins or so.....

maybe other people should try s-video before they go out and buy more expensive converters......

might save you some cash.......

i am running sky+ so i do not have a old crappy digibox.......

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