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I'm going to ask a real newbie question here....

Got my Z2 and currently just projecting onto a wall while I decide on what size screen i want.

Given the Z2 has lots of different display settings - normal, wide etc, for viewing widescreen dvd's how should I configure the Z2 / screen ?

In some modes there are black bars both at the top and sides of the image (when viewing a widescreen dvd). I understood that as a result of aspect ratios etc that you may get black bars at the top when watching a widescreen dvd but wasn't expecting them on the sides as well

should the whole image (including the black bars) fit inside the dimensions of the screen or just the action itself ?



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The simple answer is that the black bars occupy screen-space that the image doesnt, IOW they're "inside the dimensions of the screen" as you put it.

There's a page towards the back of the manual IIRC showing the effect of difrerent source material and the various settings, it's a bit confusing to begin with but ultimately that will show you the various options and their effects.

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