Z2 screen advice sought


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Z2 is to be situated in front room, a dark room, but often with open curtains (during the day when kids are watching movies etc). I'm looking for a fixed screen and have a gain option of 1:1 from ivojo and 1:2 from ellie (others?)..

Any Z2 owners with throughts.



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Thoughts? Keep the curtains closed. If you have daylight in the room you might as well project onto an old bedsheet.

Have a look in the screen forum for manufactures. For info I use a DRH screen, pics on my website.

The temptation is to think you can compensate by using a high gain screen. Unfortunately this doesnt help with lcd pj's as you end up with hot spots. Remember brightness isnt the problem with lcd its contrast.

From my experiences with lcd pj's total light control is the key. I have blackout blinds fitted to my bay windows but on a bright day enough light gets in around the edges to wash out the image by a considerable amount, so much so that I'm going to run the blinds in channels to cut the light down further.

hth :)


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I have a Draper Onyx fixed-frame, gain 1.2 IIRC, and it's very nice when the room's dark ... it's watchable even when there's low-ish ambient room lighting, by 'watchable' I mean normal TV or such where PQ isn't the main concern, but let in daylight and you ain't gonna see very much I'm afraid. Even kids are going to grumble they can't see the picture very well.

You need a far brighter projector, something like the Mitsubishi XD300U before normal ambient light becomes tolerable.

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