Z2 owners, have you cleaned yours yet?


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Have you cleaned your air filter yet then folks? I'm beginning to wonder if I should do mine but it's a major hassle having to take it down off it's ceiling mount , clean it and put it back, all that time spent getting the position just right will have to be repeated. I suppose the longer I leave it the more I'll be risking getting a dust blob so I really ought to do it sometime soon.



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Got a couple of blobs that can only be seen when looking at a black screen .. well, grey screen anyway ;) .. like you I don't feel inclined to disturb it until the blobs became more obvious.

93 hours on the clock.


I checked my filter at c. 120 hours and it was clean as a whistle so I will probably leave it until c.3-400 hours before checking again. As you say Andy it is a real pain to get it off a ceiling mount for checking!

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3 green dustblobs I can't shift despite multiple attempts with an air duster can :(

Tried to pretend they weren't there, but it didn't work.

Currently in the process of organising getting it serviced by Sanyo.

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Could it be the case that actually cleaning the air filter is what is giving people so many dust blobs? How can you ensure that no dust gets in while you have the filter removed?

Maybe we should do a poll of the number of people who got dust blobs after having removed the filter (even just to check it) and those that got them before disturbing the filter.


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Glad to hear as many people paranoid about dust... I have noticed that the dust seems to get sucked in by the lens, althoughs maybe its just very visable with the light, and especially so if the kids start jumping all over the sofas when its on!

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