Z2 or philips Bogart Matchline



Hi All,

The price is almost the same. The question is which one to buy. I don’t have much knowledge in the subject and I need Advice???

Thx in advance
I prefer DLP myself, so would probably go for the Bogart, but you should really get a demo of both and decide for yourself.

They're differrent technologies and each has it's own pros and cons, so only a demo will show you which one is best for you.

What size picture do you want, and how far from the screen will you be sitting?


Ditto. They use completely different technologies and you really must demo each before choosing. Also, note that the Bogart has a longer throw than the Z2 - it will produce a smaller image than the Z2 at the same throw distance. This may be a problem or actually desirable depending on your viewing room size.
my distance from the screen is about 4.5 meters and the angle that i want to place the projector about 12 degrees
You should be fine with either machine if you're going to be sat 4m or more away. The size of the image will depend on how far back you put the projector, as well as it's zoom ability.

What about image quality is it the same ??

Did anybody review the Bogart projector for the Z2 I found lot of info and reviews ??
That's where demoing comes in. We all have different ideas about what we like in an image, so you yourself really need to see these machines in action, and idealy in the same demo room to be able to choose for yourself. You shouldn't really buy either on just reviews if you've not seen a DLP or LCD projector beforehand to give you an idea of what each technology looks like.

If demoing isn't possible, then you see if there's someone on the forum who lives near you and is willing to give you a home demo of their set-up.


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