Z2 losing signal from progressive 575


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Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but, due to the problems nature, I am not sure where to post :(

Decided to sit down and watch Apollo 13 last night but, within minutes of the movie starting, I had a problem where, everytime there were flashes or quick cuts in the film, the projector would appear to lose the picture signal and flip to a blue screen for a couple of seconds.

The sound would still be playing but even if I paused the movie and went through it frame by frame the picture would still disapear at the exact same points.

I have not had this problem before and the only thing I have done recently is add a JS Tech Componant Buffer to my kit to split the componant output from my Yamaha RXV650 amp to both my rear pro TV and Z2.

I decided to try a few things and the first was to switch the progressive output from the Pioneer 575 DVD player to interlaced so that I could watch the picture on the TV and projector screen at the same time to see if they were both displaying the same problem. (the TV is a few years old and wont accept a progressive image). When I did this and switched the Z2 to L1 progressive I watched the same scenes on both displays.....and there was no problem.

As soon as I switched the 575 back to outputting a progressive image I had the problems with the image disapearing again at the same points through the Z2.

I tried my XBox with a 480p and 720p game to the Z2 and had no problems at all so am a bit lost as to what the problem is?

Could it be the JS box or would I have problems with a progressive image from the XBox as well if that was at fault?


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No one any ideas?

I am ready to hear any theories on this one as it has me stumped :confused:


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I suffered the exact same symptoms just after I had my Z2 firmware updated to v1.09.

When setting it back up the first disk to hand was ice age where you get quite a lot of white which did the same thing losing the signal and producing the blue background. The second disk was Army of Darkness which again did the same thing when ever there was bright scene and/or explosions.

When contacting the service engineer who worked on the unit they asked me to bring it back to sort out the issue.
I was told that it was because the firmware had not taken properly and that they had re-applied the firmware successfully to resolve the issue.

I took it face value what they told me to be true as I have not suffered from it since.

Take it you haven't just had new firmware applied and/or have been in the service menu as this is the only thing that I can relate the problem to.

If the unit is still under warranty you could take/send it back to have issue dealt with.

Hopefully it will not be a big problem.



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Hi Macready,

You said you'd listen to anything so..... I have a Z1, and while researching into this machine I came across an item saying that sometimes with prog scan input, the Z1 may lose it unless you go into the menu and change a setting from auto-detect to tell it what kind of input it actually is (eg 480p). This hasn't happened to me so I'm just passing on hearsay really, but you never know.


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Thanks for the replies :thumbsup:

I have not had a chance to try the projector again since this happened due to work and other things so I don't know if it is happening with all movies...I will give it a try tonight though.

I hope it does not have to go back though as I got it from Pixmania who are apparantly not that great when it comes to returns (I know it is my own fault...I am one of the 'buy it cheap get bad support' victims)

I am going to try it without the JS box too just to make sure that is not causing the problem.

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