Z2 Fan duration after power off?


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Nov 12, 2003
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Just wondered how long your lamp cooling fan runs after power off.
Mine seems to run for about a minute, dosent seem that long to me?.

Ditto with me


Chris L.
that sounds about right to me..... you can of course change it in the factory (i think) but its not advisable

Similar. Definitely not the 5-10 mins i thought it would run from peoples comments about other PJs.
Every now and then my fan stays on and i have to switch the unit off at the mains. This coiincides with the frozen start up screen which happens about once a week at the moment!
Originally posted by nunew33
Still no sofa!

Nunew, don't let your wife choose one - you would probably end up with a glow in the dark design! :D

Yes, my fan goes off quite quickly - does seem to be getting noisier with age though.
Quatermass, she did choose one. Needless to say it turned up before christmas and the armchair was too big. We are now having a foot rest instead without a refund (DFS contracts are watertight and designed to cause you grief). So I lost £200 on the deal and have to wait another 2 weeks for a sofa. Considering it was my room to sort out, she has made all the choices and they have been bad ones everytime. And to top it all I seem to be the only one with this problem of a regular stuck fan/frozen screen problem!!!!!!

I need a new wife and a new projector
Thanks guys,

nunew33, hope you get your probs sorted.

I got the frozen picture stuck fan once. I disconnected the mains and restarted it and it hasn't happened again. Just so you know you are not the only one ;)
The fan run-on time is completely variable.

It will run the fan until such time as the temperatures in the unit reach a predetermed level. Then it will turn off completely.

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