z2 connection and prog scan


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basically my head is battered about prog scan, i want to know simply how to get it and use it, and not what it is!
how much would it cost to get pal prog san on a z2 pj?
ie: what do i need?
what dvd player? presume hk!
what connections?presume component!
what dvd's discs? are only region 1 pal prog scan?

i presume there is nothing else i need to buy, just connect, put disc in and press play!




You can get a few types of progressive scan-

Stand alone or in the DVD player. I use a panasonic DVD with a puresilicon progressive scan internally. Don't know the model number of the top of my head sorry. Component out put works well with progressive scan and gives alot of depth to the picture.

As regards region one and region 2 -

Region 2 is PAL the uk standard.

Region 1 is NTSC/NTSCi

So if you want to play region 1 DVD's you'll need a multi region DVD player that will scan NTSC/PAL/NTSCi and if you want others SECAM etc.

The people in the shop should now this (if there not 14 and work in highstreet stores).


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As I understand it, LCD projectors are inherently progressive devices, i.e input from an interlaced source is converted to a progressive output for projection. That said, the quality of progressive output from a half decent DVD player should be superior to the progressive processing carried out by a buget LCD projector, resulting in better picture quality. I have a multi-region Sony NS930 connected by component to my Z2, and the image quality is excellent. the NS930 gives both PAL & NTSC progessive output, and cost me £240 just before Xmas.



Almost every player for £120 or up has prog scan these days. The problem with that is that the z2 has a deinterlacing chip, so if you want prog. scan from a DVD, better be sure the chip is better than the one you already have. H-K, Denon, Marantz would be where I'd look. Or else get yourself an iscan ultra, and enjoy deinterlacing of high quality from all your sources.

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Feed my Z2 with Denon's DVD2200 - (£479 from avland in multiregion form) and use component leads from Mark Grant (in av forum power buys).

Have used cheaper players (Tosh SD210, 220 & 510) cheaper cables (ixos) and even tried 720p / 1080i from a Samsung 935 via DVI (picture was artificial / computerish in my eyes), but preferred the more cinematic / natural picture from the 2200.

What you need:

Player - ideally need to be PAL & NTSC progressive, but this depends upon your collection if all R2 (no need for NTSC). see ( for progressive / multiregion players)


Decent component cable, can highly recommend Mark Grants.

Set Z2 to auto / component input and sit back and enjoy.




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thanks for the excellent advice guys.
think i will go for the sony if i am not happy with my cambridge audio 53! denon is too expensive for my budget!!
q: chris i, what are the cables from mark grant like compared to the van damme cables from www.tmfsolutiuons? any idea???

chris l.

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Have never used van damme components in any of my set up's (though I'm well aware they are well regarded). Can only say Mark Grants cables worked better than a Profigold set and Ixos 107 (think its 107?) set I previously had.

Can vouch for tmfsolutions.co.uk though. I got a Zektor from Joe there and I had excellent service from him sorting out a setup problem I had with the Zektor (turned out to be my fault).

see:- http://www.avforums.com/frame.html?[url]http://www.avforums.com/forums/search.php[/url]


Chris L.

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