Z2 connected via DVI - not using full resolution?

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    I've connected my Sanyo Z2 projector's DVI input to my Tag McLaren DVD32R's progressive scan DVI output. The picture seems a slight improvement over component connection, but the image does not use the full resolution of the projector. On the left and right hand side of the image there are black strips about 10 or 12 pixels wide which are not used to project the image. The full scale image seems to be projected, but it is not using the full resolution of the LCDs.

    Have I failed to set some parameter correctly, or is something else going on? At the moment I'm just using a cheap DVI cable that came with my PC monitor (I want to see if it all works before deciding whether to spend a large amount of cash on a long DVI cable) - are there different types of DVI cable which might affect how the video signal is processed by the Z2?



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