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Nov 1, 2003
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I've already posted this over at AVS (which I'm sure most of you read), but I thought I'd post it here directly as a cautionary tale...

Good news - Original 3 green blobs gone :)
Bad news - One new green blob & numerous other blue/red ones (not as visible as the green tho) :mad:

Spoke to the service engineer who'd 'cleaned' it on the phone (before I'd had a chance to switch in on :rolleyes: ). He said the dust was on the prism block, which you can't get at with an air duster through the slots in the top of the PCB (I knew that anyway as I'd got through 2 cans'o air myself trying to shift them before sending it off).

He said it could get pretty time consuming, as you have to take the thing appart, clean it, put it back together, test & hope they'd gone or else go back to step 1...

Has anyone else taken their Z2 (or Z1) appart enough to get at the prism block? Was it do-able for someone with half a brain, a screwdriver set & a can of air?

An advanced tutorial for hardcore (prism based) blob removal would be soooo useful!

Thanks in advance
I'd send it back to Sanyo & tell them to clean it properly.

If they've "serviced" it already under warranty, they are now obliged to rectify the problem.

I'd suggest that anyone with half a brain refrain from trying to dismantle their Z2 that much :D

Best of luck with it.

You sayin' I only have half a brain?? :D :D

Jeezuz. :eek:

I've taken the cover off mine to de-blob but removing the cables and top PCB isn't my idea of fun ... from that picture you don't seem to have much more to remove. :D
Its an AE300 btw. Dunno how hard the Z2 is to take apart but the AE300 is easy. I'm in the middle of revamping my website with an AE300 dust cleaning guide and RGB cabling guide. There'll be a lot more pictures like that. Ya basically undo a few screws, undo about 7 or 8 connectors and you can lift the mainboard off to give better access to the optics. I also took out the 2 fans for a dusting. I wouldn't dare take apart the optical block though. all the lenses, polorizers, panels etc are aligned to the micro-millimetre. Too much to go wrong! :D
Ah... but have you got it back together again yet? :D

In all seriousness tho Keith, I salute you. :smashin:

That's *exactly* the sort of thing I was after. I was specifically worried about how to disconnect the panel ribbon cables to lift the top PCB (not sure if they're clips around the side you can pull back with your fingers??...). If your site contains info like that, plus tools needed etc. it'll be a gem.

I'll keep an eye out for a post with the URL.

Kramer : I know what you mean m8, but it cost me 30 quid to ship it last time (& I don't trust couriers to not kick it around during transit, so that's another risk). With a problem like this, that could, theoretically, be sorted quite simply, I'd like to know how to do it myself (in case it happens again out of warrenty).

However, I will give Ivojo a call tho to see how they think I should proceed...

Thanks again in advance Keith :smashin:

PS. Kramer - I never had you down as the yellow bellied type... :p
Originally posted by Off The Fence
PS. Kramer - I never had you down as the yellow bellied type... :p

Up close & personal with my 3 week old HS10 here.

No dust blobs either, just curiosity. Had it stripped far more than in the pictures but only decided to take a few pics when rebuilding it.


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