Z2 arrived!..but some worrying purple dots


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Well, our Z2 turned up today, despite the best efforts of the couriers.

It looks fantastic, even on a makeshift screen.


I noticed almost immediately a rash of pale purple dots, of varying sizes (ranging from 1 to about 3 pixels across), visible in against a pale background (doesn't seem to be visible against pure white though) . Since our DVD startup screen is pale blue, they're now pretty easy to spot.

Are we talking dust on the optics somewhere, or a pixel problem?

What worries me is the courier was unable to deliver to us because a pallete had fallen over in the van, and he couldn't get to our parcel!

:eek: :eek:


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Are the larger ones pixel shaped? If not I'd guess it were dust blobs.


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Several are no bigger than a single pixel, the bigger ones are about 3x3. The colour is kind of pastel purple, not vivid.

Just worried after seeing Kramers comments about "lazy pixels". Surely a new machine can't have this many though?

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Speaking as someone who's constantly at war with the buggers...

Doesn't sound like dust blobs to me, I'm afraid :(

Dust blobs are usually:-

Considerably larger than a pixel.
Circular & blurry when the picture's sharp (you can bring the blobs more into focus by de-focussing the picture).
Visible only in dark scenes.

Also, it's generally the green ones that are most noticable (brightest)


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Top marks to both Ivojo and Sanyo for customer service.

Z2 is being picked up tomorrow and a replacement delivered.
Ken at Ivojo wanted the unit back as soon as he saw a photo of the problem.

Sanyo was apparently so concerned that they wanted it collected today!!!

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