z2 1280x720 @ 50 hz with vga



Just a quick note saying that I managed to get 50 hz from my htpc over vga working on my z2.

I used these PS settings:

I think however they contain an error in the total dots field. The link above says 1648 but i had to use 1608 (i think it was, ps calculates it automatically when the other values are put in). This affects the setting in the sanyo's menu as it needs to match the number in PS.

This means that the lcd-panel in the z2 can sync to 50 hz (don't think it could possible convert internally to 60hz w/o stutter). After getting the gfx card and z2 to sync @ 50 hz i ran juddertest to test that everything was in order, it ran fine but despite this i still had the occasional jerk in dvds so i had to use ReClock to get the dvd-video playback synced with the grafic card and the result is perfectly smooth pans. :smoke:

It still would be nice if Sanyo fixed the dvi-input so it works properly at 50 hz since the image seems a tad less sharp over vga then dvi. This is nothing that is visible in movie watching but still...

Hope this was useful.

Cheers Magnus


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Thanks for the info Magnus. I've been having this same problem with my Panny AE500 so I suppose it won't do any harm to try these settings on that either.


No problems mate. Hope the settings work on the panny to.


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