Z1, which reasonable VGA cable (Lindy Gold no good...)


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I have just bought a 5m Lindy Gold Premium cable to connect my PC to my Sanyo Z1 and have found that the plug on the cable will not push into place on the Z1 due to a raised part of the plug on the top and bottom catching on the Z1 case (the ports being slightly counter sunk).

Can anyone recommend a similar spec cable without these raised parts on the plug for my Z1. I am looking to spend arround £30-£40 ish.



All the better cables seem to have them,why not just saw them off or bend them back.It wont hurt performance.(I dont think)

I would undo the bolts at the back and remove the faceplates with the offending sticky outie bits and either hacksaw them off or bend them back in a vice.Dont try to do it while it is still attatched as you might do some damage(ie. bend a pin etc)


does it have to be 5m as i have a 3m van damme vga for sale in classifieds


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Howser - could do, just not sure I want to as these kind of things always go wrong for me....

jmack - unfortunately I do need a 5m one.



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VDC do good SVGA cables for projectors. Fully screened, true 75 Ohm.
PM me if you want more info.


Just unscrew the shell, slide it back a bit and screw it together. Fits fine, although you can't screw the connector onto the z1 anymore. I've got one, works fine.


I had to think for a while, I used a lecktropaks one on a Z1 a while ago, that fitted fine. It seemed quite good, as good as the lindy ones.

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