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Z1 to Z4 in less than 6 seconds...nostalgia

Pete Delaney

Prominent Member
Eeee-by-gum, back in t'early days when I was a young lad posting under my real name I remember the likes o' Mr Silly, Nige, Ian an a few t'others debatin' pro's un cons o' rear projection gainst these new projectors called Z1 un AE100. Back in them days Z2 were the Rolls Royce 'ot t'industry.
Now ere am I browsin't forum and it's gone from't Z1 to Z4 in't blink of an eye!! By 'eck a Z1 should last a lad twenty years or more....try tellin that t' young uns, the'll not believe yer.

Anyways since livin the eddy day's o't projection revalution I am now resigned t' simple fact, I prefer TV cos I can't be bothered to switch t'other b*gger on. It sits there wit sad look on its lens doin nowt, I rekon she's only got a couple 'o undred hours on er.

So I say to you young un's out there av a good think before tha spends thas ard erned cash. Telly is telly an ya can't beat that, it sits there faithfully, unlike remote which dunt like t' be found (the little b*gger).

As for me I reckon I'll stick wit basic telly although i'll probably go for an lcd un in't future.

I'll si thee later,

Pete. ;)


Established Member
aye up mucker, i hear what ya sayin but me 8 footer just canna be beat and me ole chain n ball likes it big!

*looks at AE100 on tripod*

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