Z1 install help cable/mount



recently bought the z1 and first impressions are very good considering its not been optimally set up i.e magnolia wall, made up stand etc

originally the mrs said i could only have 1 if it wasnt mounted but after a good weekend:rotfl: ive talked her into having it ceiling mounted as long as i can make it nice and tidy,

my major problem is that i dont have access above ceiling so everything is gonna have to be surface mounted:mad:

ive basically got to make it as neat as poss

1 has any 1 got any links to any nice trunking not the basic white plastic stuff?
2 whats the best way to extend the mains cable as its way too short
3 From what i read the pj is gonna have to go upside down am i correct
4 looked at gary lightfoots diy mounts and i think im going to make 1 of these up, will these be any good:zonked:

I hope some 1 can help with the 4 questions above as i cant keep setting this pj every time i want to watch its driving me mad and ive only had it 3 days:rolleyes:


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Trunking is never wife friendly :(

Depending on thesize of the room, you could always lower the ceiling by an inch with battons on the ceiling, and then just hide the cable above your false ceiling, but it would be a lot of work, time, money etc for the wife friendly effect


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DIY ceiling mounts like Gary's design are fine if you have reasonable DIY skills
The projector will definitely have to be inverted for ceiling mounting.
If you can solder and can get the right size heat shrink tubing you can extend the existing cable or go to Maplins and see if they can supply a new socket and make up a mains lead from scratch.

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