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Z-Life Invisible shield


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This is a cheap ebay screen protector (£4) which we were talking about in the previous thread

Here's a review

Review: Z-Life Invisible Shield (with pics) - iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad forum - Multi-Touch Fans

And this is what pez_555 posted and said about them




I haven't installed it however i must say i am quite impressed. The only downside is that it doesnt come with the solution, however i understand that it is simply just water and a bit of soap anyway.

It feels really good actually, better than the Invisble Shield, smoother and doesnt feel as 'sticky', whether it feels as good when it is on the phone is another question. Looking at the shield i can see it wraps around more of the phone than the invisible shield does. It wraps around the dock connector aswell as the sim slot - very clever.

I would actually recommend this highly, for a fraction of the price of the Invisible shield i believe you are getting a good product. Call me impressed!
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I got mine delivered last week and applied the screen protector today

So far it looks very good, there are no orange peel effects and its not sticky, i can't test it out properly yet though because it needs to dry for 12-24 hours with the phone off for maximum effect but i am very impressed early on with what it looks like

Ill post pic's tomorrow or later on tonight of the screen dry and clean

We may have found a cheap clone of a good screen protector here ;)

edit: i forgot to add the instructions are great and it was a doddle to install
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No its very very easy to apply

You just get a little bowl with water, put the sponge in then wet the film, if you wet enough you can slide it around when it on the phone to get it in a perfect position, i left mine to dry for about 5 hours and it was stuck fine.

I have had mine on 5 days now and it has settled in and feels just like the screen when you touch it. I cant believe how good it looks and feels, i really can't see the £15-£20 being any better because i dont know how that's possible

I'm gonna get another one in for the future incase it peels before the prices goes up ;)

A mate has a 3GS and he wants one and all the others that's tired the phone dont even know its on. The best thing about this (aside from it being nearly invisible and feeling normal) is i can get in in and out my pocket, clean the screen and let anyone play with it without worrying about scratches :)


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i went ahead and installed this the other day. My ZAGG shield started peeling off around the bezel wich sucked.

i must say 2 things here.

1) it is very good
2) it is better than ZAGG (in my experience). You cant tell this thing is even on there. it also covers more of the phone as it has the slits for all the connectors/holes.

im impressed.


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Dont think they have an IS for the iphone4 yet.

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