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Z-5500 Digital 5.1 Speaker System???


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Would these be ok to use in a smallish room for a TV surround,?
Z-5500 Digital 5.1 Speaker System
My son likes the look and as room/money is scarce would prefer life style type system.

He has Panasonic 42" Plasma (not sure of model),
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They are very good quality computer speakers. A friend has them, and he likes them. They are extremely loud, but the bass from the subwoofer is very boomy. Don't confuse these with a proper separates set-up, because they simply don't compare, and you won't get hd audio from them. But for a kids bedroom to watch a few movies in 5.1 and surround sound gaming they'll be just fine.

Oh, and the control panel is the size of a brick!


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Thanks Neil
I pretty much thought they'd not be up to the task.
Have sent your reply to him as it's good to get an oppinion from someone who has heard them.



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I never said they wouldn't be up to the task. Basically they are a superb set of computer speakers. If you hadn't heard a 5.1 speaker system before, they would blow your mind. BUT, if you knew of the sound available from separates, then they wouldn't do. However, for only a little extra money (£300 all in) you could buy the Onkyo HTS3305 which would be much better and offer HD audio.


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Yes I realized that. :) I have a system myself.

But thanks anyway.


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Hello Boby,

My personal experience is Logi..Z-5500 is a mind blowing 5.1 system. U just connect it with a good DVD player through Coaxial or Optical output and the sound will blow U away (movie & music).

Moreover U can connect this Logi... to 5 seperate gazets at a time and acn control it through Remote.
This is a THX Certified system, so.. don't worry.

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