YxY, PTAE100, Anamorphic, etc..help!



Hi all, I have an HTPC running Powerstrip, PowerDVD delux, Dixv codec. Connected to a Panny PTAE running Wide 480. I play DVDs, Reg 1 and 2 and DivX movies.

What I have always been confused about is ratios.

Mostly, things look just right on the screen. Some DVDs seem to take up the whole 16:9 screen (I'm assuming they are anamorphic? or are they just 16:9?), most seem to be more cinematic (black bar at top and bottom) - can't remember the ratio. Either way, they look fine, no distortion.

Just occasionally a film won't appear right. You can tell the software has stretched it vertically (people are taller), but not by much. This is usually Divx movies, but not confined to this.

A while ago the problem got so bad it drove me wild. So I rebuilt my PC (XP Pro), reinstalled my dvd software and all was fine (mainly).

I have started to notice discrepencies again and am now looking to understand what is going on. I have noticed some folk use YxY ratio software.

Now this is where i get confused. The author says that the basic concept is that you set the ratio for Anamorphic DVDs, and if you play a non anamorphic DVD then you simply stretch the picture 33% vertically so the PJ always thinks it is getting Anamorphic (he says you set your PJ for anamorphic). This is what I don't get. My Panny says it is running Wide 480. That's it. No mention of anamorphic. Does the PTAE "support" anamorphic? Or is Wide 480 anamorphic?

How do I know if I'm "taking advantage" of anamorphic?

Damn confusing?!?

Help :)

Pack Dude

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What are you using to play your divx movies? It sounds like they being played in the wrong ratio. Look for a setting in your player that "keeps the aspect ratio" (or so setting like that).

Or try another player like media player or the new winamp.


I'm using PowerDVD deluxe for XP (the latest one with DPL 2 etc) - it used the Divx Codec. I've tried other players such as Windvd and get the same problems.

The latest version of PowerDVD does nto seem to have a lock aspect ratio.

What I think I'm really looking for is an explanation of Anamorphic and how it relates to my Panasonic...

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