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YUV or not YUV

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by LTJ, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. LTJ


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    Hello all , please forgive if this question seems very dumb -I have tried searching. Right I'm using the sweet spot capture for TV sky ouput into a PC AMD3000xp ATI 9600xt saphire card. Okay so I'm right in believing that coming out on the VGA into the Projector is RGB?.
    Right YUV (component) is supposed to be better than RGB. So my question is this. Should I convert the RGB output on the the VGA to YUV and then feed the component signal to the projector? Is there any benifit?

    I also see it recommended and have tried double clocking for the digital audio output -using two dacs it is better. How about the image processing anyone tried say tried two PC's or a PC with asay a iScan in line.

    Thankyou for your time.
  2. KraGorn

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    Aug 30, 2003
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    Not a dumb question, this can be a confusing subject :).

    In general Component and RGB are indistinguishable, there are theoretical reasons why you may choose YUV over RGB but in practice you'll never know the difference. The main reason Component is often preferred over RGB is that stand-alone DVD players often only offer progressive scan output via that connection rather than RGB.

    Converting RGB to YUV would achieve nothing, in fact if anything it'd degrade since any analog signal processing adds a small amount of noise.

    As for using a iScan, the iScan is a scaler/deinterlacer, your PC will do a better job in both departments with the right software (NVidia MPEG decoers and FFDSHOW procesor). A scaler such as the iScan HD or the Lumagen HDP couple with an SDI-modded or HDMI-interlaced player such as a Pio 868 wil lproduce better results than a PC (IMX) but at far greater cost. If you got an SDI-modded X-Card to feed an iScan you'd get similar results I'd expect, but then why would you want to go that route?

    So to sum up, if you're using the right software your system is as good as it gets pretty much .. you MAY get an incremental increase in viedo quality with an NVidia card (not neeeded for the codec which is main part of the pq equation) but it depends on your projecion system as to whether the improvement will ne noticeable.


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