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Hello, I’m hoping for some advice on how to progress my claim.
I thought it best to post on a general forum rather than exclusively the Sony forum.
I have a December 2017 Sony KD-55A1 that has a 5 year warranty.

Recently we have noticed a horrid green tinge appearing on the picture it’s particularly noticeable on people’s faces.

I have contacted Hughes TV who are uploading the set on Monday and leaving me with a suitable replacement, I was advised in the meantime to speak with Sony which I did, I sent photos of the issue after carrying out a panel refresh and panel calibration, the issue seemed worse after these requests.

I’m told by the Sony support that this is image retention and normal for OLED TV.

This TV cost me around £2200 when purchased and it seems to me anyway a rather bad purchase if this is to be accepted.

The engineer from Hughes who came out could plainly see the problem and he arranged for the uplift this coming Monday.

Would members mind viewing the photos and giving me their honest opinion?

I cannot see a way to progress this to a higher authority within Sony, of course Hughes TV may do better but it’s better to be forewarne.

It seems like OLED models predating 2018 are especially susceptive to permanent image retention. Truth is that OLED pixels degrade over time, with the red sub-pixels degrading faster than green and blue. That would explain why you have a green tint since red is less bright in that area. Some say that for them it helps to run the manual "Panel Refresh" feature, but in most cases the only thing that fixes the issue is to replace the whole display panel.

The TV manufacturers will argument that they have written in the device manual to watch "mixed" or "warried content" and to avoid static images. Also some OLED enthusiasts will say that the issue is non-existent since LG improved the OLED panels starting 2018, by adding more red subpixel organic matter, adding features like "Logo Luminescence Adjustment" and a making the screensaver more aggressive - LG is at the moment the manufacturer of all consumer OLED TV panels and other companies like Sony, Philips, Panasonic buy their panels from LG. Still that doesn't help those who encounter issues with permanent image retention.

I would recommend you to check the "OLED Screen Burn" thread on this forum and see if you can find any way to get the retailer to fix your TV for free or at least a reasonable price: OLED SCREEN BURN ( permanent image retention)

It seems like in the UK you have better chances of getting and OLED TV with permanent image retention fixed. In other countries in the EU like for example in Austria where I live LG is asking around 2/3 of the price of the TV to get the OLED panel replaced.

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