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    I've red on a forum that the Philips 50pf9966 gets an YPbPr (via DVI/VGA) cable included.

    Me, I have the 42pf9966. Like the 50-model, the 42 has a DVI/VGA port which is HDMI compatible. But with the 42 there is no cable included, only a small DVI to VGA adapter.

    Both systems (42 and 50) have the same 3 SCART and a DVI interface.
    EXT1 = CVBS and RGB,
    EXT2 = CVBS, RGB and Y/C,
    EXT3 = CVBS,
    DVI = VGA, SVGA, 480p, 576p, 1080i and 1152i (50 has also 720p)

    Where can I find the cable above on my 42pf9966 and can I use it on the 42?
    Besides that, what the difference with RGB (in Scart), Y/C, YPbPr and component.


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