Youtube wont start


I have a Pana Tx 43HX940B that is only 3 months old, but suddenly, 2 days ago, YouTube stopped working on the apps. The logo comes up, then loops to the start and back several times before the screen shows Network error occurred. Exit application.
I have good connectivity, and everything else that connects to the internet is working perfectly, and Youtube did work perfectly until yesterday, so what has happened? Has you tube changed its codecs or protocols or what? Will it take an update from Panasonic to cure this. I dont want to factory reset the TV as I have properly calibrated the display, and dont want to start all over again.
Any help appreciated


Got it sorted for now, but unable to understand what changed!
I decided the problem must be network related, and looked at the network settings on the TV, I saw that ipv6 was active but no figures in the boxes, just dashes, I thought I had ipv6 set and had connection, so I turned off ipv6 and YouTube worked. Turned ipv6 on, YouTube not working, so I now have ipv6 turned off. I will check the skyq router settings and see if ipv6 is set there. What advantage is there to having ipv6 active and working? May just leave it off.

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