Youtube or AV amp?


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Morning All,

I noticed last night whilst streaming some music videos (official ones) fromyoutube, that the sound quality was bland, and lacking in base. Playing the same tracks from my own music collection was way better. Is this likely a youtube quality issue?, or has the time come to replace my Denon AVR-2310? Is it unrealistic expectations from youtube? My lan is rock solid, so I believe that is not a factor.

youtube routes through the following: Stream from the internet with plenty of badnwidth (Fibre - FTTC, 50 mb/s), Humax Aura box streaming from youtube, HDMI connection to Denon AVR-2310, Denon driving surround speakers, but passthru (non-amplified) of left, right, and sub-woofer to Naim Uniti 2 & the associated speakers

music route: NAS server with FLAC rips stream to Naim Uniti 2 driving Left, right & sub-woofer.




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Kind of chalk and cheese really! Your Naim / FLAC system is going to give you excellent quality compared to the heavily compressed audio tracks from YT. Depending upon the age of the official videos, they may have originated off old masters designed for TV playback, meaning totally different EQ and compression was applied. It was quite common to roll off the low bass to prevent it from confusing the limiters within the TV transmission chain, but I wouldn't expect this on anything produced in the past 10-15 years or so.

Many music video mixes are different to the CD, radio and other releases, with different mastering, track length etc. You can also get pitch changes due to conversion from 25fps to 30fps. This is common on movies and does affect some music videos as well.


I listen to YT from my TV's app, optical to my Denon (ARC is a real pain and has been dispensed with). Quality differs from video to video and no doubt it's down to YT. Some tracks sound really highly compressed. If you have a SkyQ box then listen to some offerings in stereo from Sky Arts, some, not all, can be very good indeed.

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