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Hi there, first time poster.

I'vm a Google Play Music user. I actually have my Music Library based around iTunes on my Mac, but when I bought an Android phone a few years ago, I used google Music Manager to clone my Library to Google Play Music so I could listen on the move. When I started setting up a multiroom system, I decide to buy speakers that had Chromecast built-in and all added a couple of Chromecast Audios to older pieces of Hi-Fi equipment as, whilst it wasn't as slick as Apple's Airplay, there was more choice, my partner also has an Android phone, and the speakers were less expensive than ones with Airplay built-in. Like many, last week I received an email saying GPM was closing and I should migrate my library to Youtube Music. I did that a couple of days ago and, to be honest, it was effortless. However what they don't tell you is the "Cast" feature of Chromecast is now behind a paywall!

I don't like streaming services, I prefer curating my own library: it's more convenient for me and it means a fairer price (in my view) going to artists if I buy their albums direct from them or their labels, even in digital form. However whilst YouTube Music will migrate your GPM Library across, and let you upload more (albeit manually as Music Manager has stopped) you cannot cast it to your Chromecast built-in speaker from your android device without paying for the Premium Subscription. So I've paid for my music, I've paid for my speakers, but now Google/Youtube want me to pay a subscription to them to let me send one to the other, it seems.

Does anyone know an android App that will play my music library and work with Chromecast enables speakers? People suggested Audirvana before but it doesn't work with Chromecast. Also had lots of suggestions about Spotify, Tidal, and Qobuz etc but I don't want to pay for a streaming service, really. I don't mind paying a one-off fee for an App, but the subscription model does not appeal, especially as the majority of the money is paying for something I don't want to use. And if there's no way to do it without signing up to a service, I may as well go for Apple as they offer the Chromecast feature now and that's where my Library originates: it cuts out the middle man.

And frankly I think the GPM/Youtube Music paywall thing is pretty cheeky so I just don't want to give them money!

Many thanks.

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