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Youtube downloads on DVD

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Hello all. I was wondering if it's possible to download youtube videos and then put them onto discs as a DVD.

I have some videos that i want to download, and put onto DVD discs. I would suspect this is possible with the software available today. Some of the videos are a little old (90's), so i may need to use the high quality on some of those if that would work too, not HD, but just a better quality than standard streaming.

So, would this be possible? And where would i start? What type of discs would i need, and what video formats should they be in. Another problem is, some of the episodes that im going to put onto disc, are in separate parts, for example, an episode could be in 2-3 parts, so i would need to add them into one file.

I'm just looking for advice on where to start, getting a program to download the videos is easy enough, but when it comes to file types and all, that's where i need some experienced knowledge, to help me out in laymens terms :lease:

Thanks all :smashin:


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A simple authoring program will be required. If you have Windows 7, Windows DVD maker will do fine. YouTube Downloader will deliver the files to you in the native format from Youtube - MP4, Flash etc and in the highest quality available. It is better to get them like this and down convert as you burn to DVD. Then Any Video Converter or similar will reocde any flash files to MPG that the authoring program will understand.

All the above are free!

To burn to DVD using Windows DVD maker, you simply add the files to the folder, sort out the order, check the menu stucture, picture aspect ratio and first start and hit Burn.

Very simple and reasonable quality. Certainly good enough for YouTube!

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Thanks for the reply, on this laptop i have windows vista. Yesterday i downloaded a program called YTD Video downloader, and so far it seems decent. Got 1 video, and it offers the ability to convert the video into a different format.

To put the videos on DVD, what format would i need? It also has an option for PSP, i have a PS vita, and would like to get some of the videos on there, if also possible, but the priority right now is to get them on DVD, which i don't know what format they would require?

Any of these 2 ok?

I guess i could always look for another converter program if need be.

Xvid MPEG--4 Codec (AVI)
Windows Media Video (WMV)


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Windows DVD maker is also available for Vista, so you can use this. If you download the Windows Live feature pack, DVD maker is included. There are also other methods of downloading just this program, including CNET etc.

I would used the Xvid Codec if you need to convert files, but the MP4s from YouTube will work in DVD maker. It's only the standard definition Flash files you should need to convert. Don't forget for DVD you need to author the disc, not just burn files to it. This means not only are they in the correct format, but are put onto the disc along with a menu structure etc. if you just burn the video files to DVD, some players may be able to read them, but the majority won't.

I use YTD downloader and have found it to be the best of the free ones in terms of quality and speed.

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After downloading them from youtube with that program, the file is already in an MP4 format, so judging from what you have said, this format is already suitable to put onto a DVD disc and i won't need to convert it?

So, i'll need to download the DVD maker, i have some experience with video editing, years ago, hopefully it's not too complicated, if i insert the files and play them straight after eachother, the 2-3 parts of 1 episode should be stuck together, i'll look for the program now, and hopefully for the meantime i can find out how to author the disc.

Seems i already have Windows DVD maker and a whole lot of other programs already on the Laptop. However, i tried opening the DVD maker and got an error;

Video card does not meet minimum requirements.

Guess i might have to look for another program, have any suggestions?
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Hmm, what spec is your laptop? I have never seen an error like that recently. Might just need to change a setting or reinstal a driver.

If however, there is a hardware limitation, then most programs will need the same minimum spec.

What screen resolution are you running ? This might be the issue. Most need 1024 x 768 as a minimum.

To add the clips in order, you will just order them in the list in DVD maker and the program will author them in order. DVD maker will convert all the files automatically for you, so you don't need to worry about this either.

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Ive been converting the videos that come out as FLV, however some are already in MP4 so that's a time saver.

With specs, i'll have a look online - im totally clueless to be honest about it all, it's an advent 9415 though if that's of any help, should at least be able to use windows movie maker/dvd programs, it's hardly ancient.

If the DVD making/authoring process isn't too hard, then i should be set to go once this problem is dealt with :)


CPU Intel Core Duo T2330 (1.6Ghz)
BIOS Phoenix BIOS. Press F2 to enter
Chipset SiS M672MX
Memory 2GB DDR2 PC2-5300 (1 Memory Slot. Max 2GB)
Hard Drive 120GB SATA
Screen 15.4" Widescreen TFT (1280x800)
Video Card SIS Mirage3 integrated graphics (256MB shared)
Sound Card Realtek High Definition Audio
Modem Not Fitted *
Network Card SiS191 Ethernet Controller
Realtek RTL8187B Wireless LAN **
Ports 4x USB 2.0
1x Headphone
1x Microphone
1x 4-in-1 Card Reader
1x Kensington Lock
1x LAN
1x VGA
Battery U40-4S2200-G1B1 (14.8v 2200mAh)
U40-4S2200-G1L3 (14.4v 2200mAh)
U40-4S2200-C1M1 (14.8v 2200mAh)
U40-4S2200-C1H1 (14.8v 2200mAh)
Dimensions 34.65 x 255.5 x 358 (HxWxD in mm)
Weight 2.9kg
Colour Black
Made By Uniwill U50SI1
* While the case does have a modem port, it should be blocked off as the laptop doesn't have a 56k modem built-in.

** The wireless is enabled on this laptop by pressing the function (Fn) key and F10 key at the same time. Note that the wireless needs to be turned on every time the computer is restarted.


Your laptop should have been supplied with a Utility CD which contains a copy of the user manual and all the drivers.

The 9415 is basically a rebadged Uniwill U50SI1 (you should see this printed on the underside of the laptop). I'm fairly certain this is the same as the Gericom Phantom A4 Superlight 53120, the Gericom website contains drivers and a user manual.


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The SiS Mirage Chip was in an old Medion laptop I had and that ran Sony DVD Architect without issue.

Do check you have the correct drivers loaded.

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Tbh mate i have no clue how to or if i do.

I ended up downloading a free program "Sothink movie DVD maker " free version.

Hopefully this should do the job.. So, i can bring the episodes together, as 1 episode, whether it's in 2-3 parts, but authoring, to make them separate episodes, like 1-5, how would i go about that, is it an option i need to look for?

Sorry and thanks for your help so far.

Ive changed the TV player to PAL, as im from the UK.

Have added 2 parts of an episode to the program, but there's no real way to edit them that i know of, i used editing programs like sony vegas in the past, but that was to make a video, now burn to DVD, so im a little new here :(
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To be fair doesn't look easy to use at all, if i can try to get the windows DVD maker to work, 1 which you're familar with, that would be my best option, if not, do you have any programs to suggest?

An idea I've had, but seems like a lot of work just to make a DVD, would be to use a program to edit the videos, like sony vegas, and put the episodes into 1 piece, for instance, 1 episode could be made up of 2-3 parts, and then add it to the DVD maker.
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You could do this with Windows Movie Maker. The files it outputs will then work in DVD maker.

Magix make some good cheap software as well. but I don't know what will work on your laptop.

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Tried installing windows live essentials but need to do 2 things;

install service pack 2

install windows platform update

If can't get these 2 work, then i'll keep an eye out for a new movie maker, and THEN onto the DVD maker.

Seems silly that i can't combine multiple videos to make a single episode, got 2 go through 2 programs.

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That's odd, the MP4 video clips can't be added into windows movie maker. I go to the folder and everythings blank..

Ugh,, hard work.

Windows movie maker 2.6 btw

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Im having a little trouble. After finally finding a program to put the parts together in 1 episode (sony vegas), so that i can then use a program to put them onto a DVD, i don't know what format to render the episodes in (from sony vegas)

Keep in mind it's only for a DVD, and some of the footage is from 1996, so don't exactly need HD, even if it were possible anyway.

The automatic setting is: HD EX1920X1080-60i

This would take a long time to render, also keep in mind im looking for a smallish file size so i can fit more episodes onto more discs.

There's many other options to choose from, i just don't know where to start?

PAL DV Widescreen, would this work? PAL is because im From the UK.
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Well that was a waste of time, PAL DV Widescreen come out as a MXV which couldn't be played on the laptop, let alone a DVD and was way too big a file - 8gbs


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You want an Mpeg2 DVD compliant file. Not sure what vegas calls these? Should be less than 1Gb per 30 mins or there abouts.

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Ok, the ones that resemble the MPEG-2 the most is this one? Can't tell the length/size without knowing :(

"MainConcept MPEG-2 (*;mpg;*,m2v:*,mpa)


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Tried the mainconcept option, the video is around 35mins, and it completed it after around 1hr 30mins as a mpg clip, which is almost 1.6GB.

Seems pretty heavy really? So id only get just 3 episodes (1hr 30min), on 1 disc? This would use up many discs. I was hoping to get at least 5 on disc.

Seems a lot of work, i mean, this isn't the end of it by no means, all that 1 hr and 30mins is just to combine the clips so that i can use a DVD making program to now add them to a disc.

I feel im doing something wrong?

Just tried playing the clip in Windows media player, and it doesn't even have any audio this time, ughhh.


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Once you get the DVD authoring program working you can just stick the youtube downloaded video clips directly into the menu and render them in one pass. You can get up to 4 hours onto 1DVD, but 2 hours is about the limit for decent quality.

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Do you mean the Windows DVD maker? I just tried opening it and i got a message of;
Video card does not meet minimum requirements.

This doesn't seem right as other DVD maker programs work and sony vegas for example, although i had to install windows service pack 2.

Seems a lot of work otherwise, just to put the 2-3 clips together as an episode, THEN add to a DVD.

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I'm beginning to become really frustrated with this whole task as it's turning into so much work.

Windows DVD maker, or Movie maker won't open, as apparently my video card is not right, it's the standard VGA graphics card that comes with the laptop.

However, windows movie maker 2.6 works, but doesn't let me open the video clips as they are MP4 format.

So i try sony vegas 11, and then the file takes around 1hr 30mins to render, and then the size is 1.6GB's, and comes with no audio, all, so i can just use them as 1 episode into another program, to put them onto a DVD disc.

I downloaded aimersoft DVD creator, and i can't even find a way to merge the clips in that program either, this seems a basic function, which i can't get anywhere, and all in all it's turning into a lot of work, when it shouldn't be.

I can try re-downloading the Vista Movie/DVD makers, but i doubt they'll bother to work, anything else? Only need something basic that does the job, Windows movie maker 2.6 (old movie maker, is basic and simple, but won't allow me to use the mp4's)

Edit: Now trying "VideoPad video editor", however so far the quality is pretty bad, i'll see if the finished video is any better, or viewable.
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The VideoPad video editor seemed to do the job, the quality is just standard, but it's the best i'll get, plus the size isn't too big either.

I did have a trial DVD creator program, but it had the companys name as a watermark over the footage, which is a waste, so ideally im looking for a DVD maker program seeing as the windows one on my laptop won't work, i'll try re-downloading, but i don't think it'll be much luck.

Any Simple DVD making programs i could use? Also i'm unsure of how to "author" the discs, as noiseboy suggested

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