Youtube 4K, Samsung Q70R vs xbox1s & lots of Q system questions


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Just got my 55Q70R delivered last night at around 11pm...

Been testing a lot of youtube 4k videos, keep checking "stats for nerds" for the truth ; )

Anyway, no surprise that M$ xbox youtube app still doesn't support HDR, but it's the viewport and current Res that puzzles me. I have highspeed internet, 1Gb/s optic, 3 IPs, one for SDR1080p50 STB streaming, probably separate bandwidth from the 1Gb/s, one for xbox, and one for my broadband router. Anyway, broadband bandwidth is not the problem here, and all are wired, not wifi.

from Samsung youtube app, HDR, but viewport is 1920x1080*2.00...

xbox youtube app: SDR, 4K viewport and 4K Res

So, even though both youtube apps claim they are getting 4K streaming in settings, but I think the Samsung one is only getting a 1080p in this case. I have tested quite a bit of 4K youtube videos, and all of them were saying 1080p viewport. Is there any way I can achieve 4K viewport on Samsung youtube?

I did run into, an even stranger video that the app decided to run in [email protected] res where viewpoint was 1080p, can't remember which youtube app though, but can re-test it if someone is interested.

Still getting to know the system, good and bad. Don't know why there's no simple notification when running in HDR/Res info like other systems. At least give me the option to toggle an OSD for the info.

Got some testing clips in mkv with multiple HD audio streams, I was hoping the embedded player can just pass the audio through ARC back to amp like some of the apps, but seems like it only work for the "fake" lossy DD+ pretending to be an Atmos. And I suppose AAC7.1 won't work either. Guess I just need to upgrade my graphic card for 4k60 HDR 10bit hw decode and output, any recommendation?
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