Your views of the 360 needed


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The 360 is a fantastic console, you should be able to pick one up 2nd hand for not much more than £200 which is fantastic value for money. Give it a go and if you don't like it and think the PS3 can offer more (which I very much doubt it will) you can always sell the 360 and get a PS3 later. Personally I think you'll be very impressed with the 360


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I'd second the above, I'm pretty open minded & have usually gone for all consoles(as long as I can afford). TBH the PS3 is the first new console in as long as I can remeber that I just haven't been interested in, my gf is still amazed when she mentions PS3 & I screw my nose up:eek:

The 360 is just a superb piece of kit IMO. The games are already superb & are about to really take a step up starting from next month, with the likes of Dead Rising, Saints Row etc. By the time the PS3 gets released there's just going to be so many quality games to choose from on the 360, if you're buying just one console for me it'd be an easy choice just based on that.

Also loads of great 360 games can be picked up nice & cheap now as they've been around for a while. PGR3, Kameo etc. often go for around £15-£20 delivered lately which is an absolute steal.

I'm not even gonna go in to Xbox Live as I'm sure you alreay know enough about it & there's plenty info on that kicking around. Xbox Live Arcade is also going from strength to strength and is finally starting to get the release schedule it deserves.

Yep, no fanboy here but out of the two consoles I'd pick the Xbox360 hands down!

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I would say to get an XBox 360 mate

The 360 is a fantastic console which for a Core version is HALF the price of a PS3 and that's great for a start.

Like previous posters have said, games that are comming out over the next few months are really starting to show just how good the games can be with the likes of Gears of War looking better than some PS3 launch titles

The Biggest plus for me with the 360 is that i haven't been forced into a next gen DVD console that might not work out. With the 360, Microsoft are giving you the Choice and are not forcing it down your necks.

Although it's brave of SONY to release an internal BD Drive, it's rather stupid as for the few couple of years it make look like a good invesment, but say HD-DVD won the format war then you are stuck with a console for the next 6-8 years (10 years life on the ps3) that nobody wants to support.

Already developers are being hesitant about making games for it as they seem to be a huge risk because of the format and the costs are far more than XBOX games. Plus you'll probably be paying 2 times more than the 360 version because they are using Blue-Ray discs


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i was gonna wait for a PS3 but in the end for sod it and got a 360 yesterday. Its good just pitty not many games for it.

Plus i will Be able to play Smackdown Vs Raw 2007 which is really why i got it in the end iam a big PS2 lover but i think 360 is great plus u can download demos on it from Live. Also when i got it from GAME they said if i dont like my games i can swop then with in 10 Days so thats coooooool.

Roll on Novermber for SD vs RAW 2007 :D


When you get games from GAME, if they still have that return policy on, return for CASH. Don't do an exchange. Then buy another game after, so you don't ever really spend anything. :) Otherwise, if you get another game in exchange, you can't return it again.


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I'm not a MS fan, been a PC gamer for a long time (since my Amiga 1200 days).

So I'm not a console freak or a MS fanboi.

The 360 is my first console.

Its fantastic, great range of games, solif graphics, nice ease of use, MS realy got this one right.

I expect the PS3 to be as good a gaming experience, no better, and it to be an adaquate BR movie player, buy on eif your planning too get into BR movies, else get the 360.


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I love the 360 ..well to be more precise , I love LIVE .The machine is great, already has some great looking games, and Im sure they will only get better as time goes on.The wireless controller is great.
Am not a fanboy. Have owned all makes of consoles . Still cringe when I think of when I bought a Jap Playstation 1 for £400 , and the games cost £85 a pop!!!
The PS3 is the one major console that I will not even be considering, well not until it comes down a hell of a lot in price. Have read somewhere games will cost £59.99 ?


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Bit like Robdickinson. Im a huge PC gamer. I upgrade my graphics card almost yearly to keep up. I doubted anything could compare. I got a 360 on Friday and I am amazed. The quality of the games and live play is excellent. No lag at all. Very user friendly. This may be the console to convert me:)


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Good console but unfortunately it's too noisy as a games console let alone a media centre. I fear that when the PS3 is here if it's quieter people will switch. :(


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Some very interesting replies - thanks too all for sharing there experience here.

Redmarked - I bet its no louder than any air cooled PC;)

Mine (a quite high speced games machine) sounds like a hoover:eek:


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redmarkred said:
Good console but unfortunately it's too noisy as a games console let alone a media centre. I fear that when the PS3 is here if it's quieter people will switch. :(

Never had a problem with that myself. I just turn the surround amp up another notch ..... problem solved :smashin:

I also used to buy every console coming out on launch day, but am not really interested in getting the PS3 (i'll get the wii instead). The 360 is a great piece of kit without a doubt, both as a games machine and a media centre. Sure, the software support was a bit lacking at the start with only a few killer games out, but it's making up for that in the run-up to xmas with a lot of great games being released.


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redmarkred said:
Good console but unfortunately it's too noisy as a games console let alone a media centre. I fear that when the PS3 is here if it's quieter people will switch. :(

While I see your point I find it highly unlikely that people will dump a fantastic bit of hardware because it's a little noisy.

I might get a PS3 if there are some superb titles that are exclusive to it but that would be the only reason. The BR drive in it would be good but I can get the HD DVD add on for the 360 for considerably less.

I suppose the key for Sony has to be the games because if someone already has a 360, the PS3 would offer them very little indeed.

I've said it before but if the original xbox had an upgrade to what the 360 can do even without the next gen games, i'd have bought it at the same price. The media centre extender is superb, live arcade is superb, the wireless controllers are superb.

So yeah it's superb and with exclusives like GTA4 and Halo 3 on the horizon, the 360 is very very hard to beat.


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I suppose the key for Sony has to be the games because if someone already has a 360, the PS3 would offer them very little indeed.

What a fantastic sentence ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Sums it all up in a line really.

When the PS3 was hot on the 360's heals (supposidly april? 06) I think alot of peeps waited to see what was what. As times devoloped thanks to PS3 set back after set back for whatever reason many have swung to the 360.

Sony are arrogantly quoted in saying there price is resonable for the PS3. Have they forgotton how much an average family earns? Ive never heard anyone from any country yet say anything except how expensive it is.

I mean,here in the UK you could get the 360 AND the Wii for the same price as the PS3.

I really think sony have F'd up this time! (just like they did the last time with the PSX - another extremly over priced idea)


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Had my 360 for about 6 weeks now and am impressed. Had various consoles over the years and enjoyed most of them, the obvious next gen visuals are great but the console just seems to work well in nearly all other areas. The cordless conroller is spot-on,the user-friendlyness of the menus are superb and the whole package just "works". The cost of the system i think is great given what you`re getting, plugged into a plasma on component looks outstanding.XBOX Live is another plus and the whole package seems to take up more of my time than it should really!:D

Couple of points that are`nt so great, the much reported noise of the console, yes it is NOISEY! It can irritate sometimes but you do get used to it, it certainley does not spoil an otherwise excellent console and also the heat generated is surprising, mines mounted in a cabinet horizontally and the doors definitley need leaving open when playing games! Think when winter comes the heat from all the av stuff will keep the lounge plenty warm enough!

I was initially counting the days untill PS3 arrives but now my interest has dwindled. The 360 gives me everything I want from a console and I can`t see anything significantly more that the PS3 can give that the 360 can`t and the price obviously is a big factor, I`m going to wait a long while before even considering the PS3 I think,MGS4 is probably the only big title I would really miss but I think thats still a long way off anyway.

Over-all I would say you won`t be dissapointed with a 360, no point in waiting! Cheers:thumbsup:


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Like the OP I started out as a Sony fan with the PS1 being a truly fantastic console, the only competition really coming close to me being in the form of the much lamented Dreamcast.

Then came the PS2 and XBox which I rushed out to get both. As time passed I found there were the exclusives which got bought for each system but common titles I was buying for XBox instead, the XBox had definately taken the limelight at the time. The controller I preferred for a start, those two analogue triggers on top of the analogue sticks were fantastic for driving games compared to the (sort of) analogue buttons on the PS2. Live was an innovation and so so welcome, with mixed results on the PC at multi-player it was great to have this system that worked so damn well. Best of all was the custom soundtracks as my music tastes can be a tad esoteric, there I was playing games like PGR driving around areas I knew and with my own music exactly as if I would have been; it really added to the immersion factor. The only drawback with the XBox was a lack of my favourite genre, being RPG, which even games like KoToR (I & II), Fable, Jade Empire, Morrowind did not fully satisfy. About that time the only reason my PS2 was ever being used was to play the PS1 FF games as I actually resented the PS2 a fair bit with the abortions that were FFX & FFX2 (odd how a game can make you feel like that).

So I had switched then from PS being in the limelight to XBox, despite other consoles being owned it was only really between those two, and when the 360 came out I just had to buy. So in comparing the 360 with the previous it had the following pros and cons:

- definately looks a hell of a lot better (even prompting a HD TV purchase)
- Live has improved considerably
- the new controller is incredibly comfortable and well designed
- Oblivion, a great redresser in the RPG stakes.
- With MCE the unit acting as a media centre is excellent
- a fantastic price for what you get

- it was a mistake not to make the HD integral and supported for games
- the noise. When not playing a game off the DVD it is barely noticable but the noise really increases when that DVD spins up. You tend not to notice after a while but still..
- BC. Okay the PS3 is touting 100% but if you read the articles that does not guarantee all games only those satisfied certain technical requirements, but still better than 360. It's improving on 360 (hey, I am playing KoToR at the moment again) but still a lot of good titles missing.

All in all just very impressed with the 360 and have no regrets on the purchase. As time has passed on that score and the PS3 has loomed I was possibly a little more than casually interested in the PS3, but that interest has waned considerably in the light of developer comments, over-hyping that is shot to pieces, reducing specs, the joke that has become true HD, enforced BR (why?? there is just no need for it), a comparatively very high cost, and all for seeming to add little,if anything, over the 360. That's the real problem if you have a 360, the PS3 is just not offering much at all at the moment and for a greater cost which means a 500 quid outlay for the unit and a couple of games. Even the 'GIIIAAAANNNTTTT mutant crabs' are just not drumming any appeal *rotf*. Until the exclusive titles add up (and FF XIII is released) and the price drops there is just no reason to get one, certainly no evident benefit to me in racing out to get one.

It's a more difficult decision if you do not have a 360 though and face the choice between that or a PS3, or even throw the Wii into the mix which is looking to be excellent. People will argue the points till they're blue in the face as to which is better, especially since the PS3 will (let's be kind) feature many of the strengths of the XBox/360. And if you are a Sony fanboy (self-admitted) then you will probably have to go with the PS3, purely because every good point that gets raised about and PS3 game will leave you doubting if you got a 360. If you are more in the XBox camp then the 360 is a great bit of kit with some great games already, not to mention the next few months looking rather special. And if you are in neither camp then I think the smart move would be to go with 360 and a Wii for that PS3 price, then start saving for a PS3 later when the prices and software catalogue are more appealing.

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