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Hi Everyone,

Its been a while now since I put my sytem together, mainly 2nd hand from people on this forum. As it was my first seperates system for many years I had to buy everything and so couldn't afford to splash out much on any individual item. Although I am quite happy with the sound, I feel it could be a little punchier. This is my current set up, what do you think is the weakest part and what would you suggest as an upgrade?
Rega P2 turntable
Arcam DT91 Tuner
Arcam CD73
Arcam A85 & P90
Epos M12i bi amped
Chord Rumour speaker cables
Chord crimson interconnects (I think)

Many thanks
Marcus :thumbsup:

Mr Pig

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Your whole system heads to the smooth side, I'm not at all surprised you are finding it a bit laid back.

You don't say what cart is on the turntable? If you liked the balance of the system I'd say upgrade the deck. It'll be the weakest link if you upgrade the amp but you'll get away with it, it won't be embarrassed.

I hate Arcam! Nothing to do with the build quality, which is usually pretty good, but I hate the Arcam 'house sound'. Very safe, gets nothing badly wrong but does not excel at anything. I've never heard an Arcam tuner but I'd definitely want rid of the CD player and especially the amplifier. In fact, just the amplifier will probably do it. Sound like a broken record but buy a Naim, anything!

Naim Nait3 would be you cheapest bet, make sure it comes with phono cards or budget for buying them. A bit more cash you could buy a newer integrated like a Nait5 or better still an older pre-power like a 42/110 or 72/140. Any of this stuff will devastate the Arcam.

Epos speakers tend to sound a bit safe too. Not the disaster that Arcam is so might wake up enough for you with a Naim amp. Should match well too as Epos were traditionally paired with Naim very often. If it's still too laid back with a punchier amp the speakers are the next items for eBay.


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Hi, Thanks for the advice. I can't remember what cart I've got!

The Nait 5 seems to be well within budget, I'll start doing some research. There is a good shop near me that specialises in Naim and they quite often have a lot of second hand equipment.

Yes I knew that the Arcam would be safe, which was why I went that route when buying second hand. I was really blown away with it at first but now I feel it is lacking a bit. The CD player was really cheap so I was thinking that might be the first thing to go, any suggestions???

Thanks Again


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I think that the first you need to upgrade your speakers and next add good DAC to your system.

Mr Pig

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The CD player was really cheap so I was thinking that might be the first thing to go, any suggestions?

To be honest, it would be the last thing I'd change. I'd change the amp first, then the speakers and the CD player last if you're still not happy. The amp alone might fix it.

If not look at more up-front speakers.

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