Your thoughts/advice on possible RAM issue..


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I have until now, enjoyed using my Dell Precision Xeon workstation system for work and HTPC duties.

However, yesterday morning, on using while using internet explorer, the screen, keyboard and mouse froze. After doing a hard reboot, the machine refused to post or display anything on the screen.

The computer benefits from having a diagnostic system of "traffic lights" on the front panel- according to these diagnostics, the memory is faulty (both DDR2 sticks, which were left in pairs and together- the computer allows each one to be "tested" via the diagnostics).

My questions are:

Has anyone else experienced a sudden problem with DDR2 ram sticks?
How likely is it for two sticks (matched pair) to suddenly develop a fault?
Can it be anything else?

Unfortunately, I don't have more ram lying around to test (though replacements are on order from ebuyer).


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Hi there,

What I would do is, take the ram out and reinstall them, and swap them around, I had ram trouble until I did this, and now the computer works fine.

Hope this helps,



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Hi,you can get heatcreep with ram modules(they move in there slots),so has been said try reseating them.

Cheers BOB


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Hi, thanks for the suggestions. However, aside from reseating the ram initially, I have also switched the pairs and have installed the ram in single configuration one-at-a-time to no avail.

I am toying with the idea that the ram could have fallen culprit to overheating, as the machine has been used recently to do some heavy-duty crunching- but I thought the tolerances should have allowed for that kind of use...


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Thanks for the link, but unfortunately my computer does not even get past post, let alone boot up all the way into windows!


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I hope the new ram you ordered is made by crucial or another quality manufacturer. I have learned by experience that cheap ram is very volatile and has a short life-span, maybe not always but not worth taking a risk for a few extra quid. If it lasts longer it works out cheaper anyway, also if you want to upgrade later quality ram is easy to sell.


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Thanks for your points- i will re-seat all the major components. The ram I used previously was quality stuff (Micron) and i've ordered Kingston ECC sticks so it's puzzling as to how they appear to have failed... maybe its not the memory but something else (hopefully not the cpu).


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msrx7mh3 said:
Thanks for the link, but unfortunately my computer does not even get past post, let alone boot up all the way into windows!

I thought you ran the mem test from a floppy when booting up??

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