Your suggestions for R3 Korean Reviews please

Phil Hinton

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As you all know we try to bring you the reviews of discs sought after from many regions. We have reviewed a few titles from R3 Korea but want to cover more of them. What I am looking for is suggestions of discs you really want reviewed from these regions be it new release or older. Give me your list of titles below and you can include Korean films as well as International.

Films we have reviewed from Korea already.
Fight Club DTS (int)
Leon Two disc (int)
Save the Green Planet.(korean)
Memories of Murder.(korean)

Phil Hinton

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We really need an International list of things people want for comparison reasons, like Freddy vs Jason DTs etc, however a list of Koren films new and old are welcome.


Well going on what I have got, Bad Boys 2 and Matrix Rev. Both top dvds for silly money!


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Tale of Two Sisters


Jeepers Creepers 2 and Freddy vs Jason please as i would like to know if theyre censored or not.

I understand Independence Day will be out in May in a special DTS version in Korea as well as Japan, nowhere in the world has this film with a DTS soundtrack so id love to see it reviewed if it ever arrives, if you do review the korean edition of Cliffhanger is it possible you can compare the halfbitrate DTS track with the Japanese fullbitrate track and note any differences (( i know this is very hard to do ))

Also i would love the following reviewed from region 2 and 3 land.

Jeepers Creepers DTS version
Aliens DTS Japan
Alien 3 DTS Japan
Face/Off Region 3 version (( heard the picture quality is terrible but the sound is outstanding perhaps you can review it ))
Final Fantasy region 2 DTS Japan version
We Were Soldiers - Scandinavian DTS version
Mad Max - Region 4 DTS version
In The Line Of Fire Superbit Japan
In The Mouth Of Madness DTS Japan (( if someone can lend you a copy to review as its out of print ))
Kill Bill Volume 1 - Thai version (( compare against the Japan version please ))
The Crow - Region 3 korean version (( is it uncut ? ))
Silence Of The Lambs - Korean DTS edition (( far as i'm aware this is the only country to stock the film in a DTS format but is it uncut ? ))

Basically i would love to see more comparison reviews with other countries and notes on any differences between each version as regards picture quality, cuts, sound etc, as i imagine a lot of people now use the internet and shop for the best version possible.

Phil Hinton

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Ok all those have been collated, minus the Japanese titles (i'll add them to the R2 list)

Keep the International ideas coming please.


Surprised nobody has mentioned Black Hawk Down (R3 is best version around) and Superbit version of Dracula (DTS)



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Bearing in mind the Korean censorship laws, which would appear to be slightly stricter on extreme violence and frontal nudity than anywhere else, would it be possible to state whether a Region 3 is cut or uncut in the review?

Also, to add to the list: The Last Samurai? At CD-Wow on R3.


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As I am no stranger to Korean films (which no doubt the members of DVDForums will testify ;) ) I would recommend the following Korean films to all:

My Sassy Girl
Il Mare
The Classic
Sympathy for Mr Vengeance
Memories of Murder
... ing
Spy Girl
Conduct Zero: No Manners
Christmas in August
Harmonium in my Memory
Happy End
My Wife is a Gangster - parts 1 & 2
Natural City
Wonderful Days
Love Letter - Jap film but K release is cheapest and best
Take Care of my Cat
The Uninvited
My Beautiful Girl, Mari
Wanee & Junah
The Untold Scandal

There are quite a few more - but you may want to have a quick glance HERE for more ideas :D

Phil Hinton

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Excellent stuff so far, can we have more ideas for International films on R3 please.


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Spy Kids 3D HK dts
Spy Kids The Island of lost dreams HK dts
We Were Soldiers HK dts
Underworld HK and Korean


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Kill Bill
Lost in Translation


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Sorry to but in guys, but please don't bother reviewing "We Were Soldiers" HK edition, as it is not worth spending time actually going through the whole film :( . I say this because my wife and I were recently in Hong Kong and I saw a copy of this for a very very cheap price, so I snapped it up.Now I can hear what you're all saying, he must have bought on a maket stall or another street vendor.Not the case at all, I bought it in HMV, and I did check with the distibutors after I got back that I had a genuine copy.The sound and picture quality on this are so bad , that it needs to be seen and heard to be believed.The picture and sound drops out very often, I would say at least 3 times every minute.The picture is very grainy , colours are washed out etc etc etc.
This must be THE worst transfer in history , it looks as though it was taken from a well used VHS copy.
Sorry for the rant, but I hoped like others this would be rather good.


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