Your recommendation would be highly appreciated.



I usually go to my local importer(in central London) for DVDs. (around 22~24 quid for a R1 title).

I'm now fed up with my local importer. *expensive*

I've been following this forum since last year, and I'm aware of some online retailers which many folks here tend to use.

Free shipping option is not important for me. I'd rather pay for courier like DHL, FedEX for fast/express shipping.

I woudn't bother with since I read many negative opinions on them.
hmm.. maybe. no idea. heard some goods. don't know.
How long does it usually take to get deliverd to my door in central London say....if I order from them today ?
heard they're big. big means bad. :D
big, slow, late, bad. they're just bad.
I've used them couple of times. They're good with DHL shipping and stuff. But they're usually late to stock new releases compared to some other online retailers.
don't know.
This one seems to be well-known among US folks.
Has anybody in UK ordered from them ??

Your opinions would be most highly appreciated.

Rambo John J

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Play are convenient, and I use them fairly regularly. I'm happy with them for stuff I've ordered - I had several bad experiences with Movietyme though and so I didn't use them again afterwards.
Thing with opinions is you ask 20 people about the same suppliers and you'll get a range of answers from "they're crap" to "they're great".
I'd suggest ordering 1 disc from Play and see how it goes. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up an account and make an order.

As for the rest, I've used DVD Planet several times. They're about average really, but they don't email you when your order ships. Also, they split shipments into what's available at the time, which ends up costing more for shipping ($6 per disc to the UK for single disc shipments) - you don't get the option to group all your discs together that you get at places like amazon.

I've never had a problem with Box Office myself, although nobody could accuse them of being the speediest supplier I've used. They usually come up as one of the 3-or-so cheapest suppliers, so it's a case of weighing up pro's and cons.

I tend to order quite a lot of discs so delivery time isn't a factor. Anything under 5 days is good for me as stuff comes in from all over the world

To sum it up really, of all the suppliers you've mentioned there, they've all had at least one order off me and the only ones I still use regularly or semi-regularly are Play (only really for R2 though), Box Office and Planet.
I tend to order more stuff from or or but it varies from disc to disc.

dts borg

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I have used Play for over 50 dvds, only ever had one problem with a dvd that went missing in the post, which they sent out again for me two weeks later.
All my orders have been delivered in under a week,most in 3 days. is now my first choice. R1 movies are around £9/£11 shipped.......;)
Only thing with DVDSOON is they are a little slow in getting the dvds in the shipping Dept, but once they are 3/5 days is all it takes.

Good Luck



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I get most of my R1 stuff from Play. Aside from the fact that they source from Canada (cheaper than US presumably) which results in bilingual covers - I have no complaints WHATSOEVER on their service.


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Dvdsoon haven't mistreated me yet and are cheap. The only dpwn is that they provide Canadian R1 disks, which may differ from the US release.

Play are fine usually but are now expensive compared to what many are offering.

Cd-Now have proved to be cheap and reliable but finding exactly what you want can be a problem particularly if you want R1 particularly - they tend to sell the version they can get cheapest (e.g. The Others is R3 Whilst BTTF trilogy is R4).

For stupidly cheap try in HK (got We were soldiers <£10) but beware not all disks are anamorphic.

The trouble with this sort of recommendation is that somebody will immediately jump and post that site xxxxxx is rubbish, try yyyyy. Give a few different ones a go then see how they treat you.

Oh and don't forget that importing disks runs the risk of getting jumped on by customs if the cost including p&p is over £18, although I've never been jumped on.


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I too am happy with - they may not be the cheapest but i'd prefer to pay a little extra for good service and reliability.


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I've been using for over a year and never had a problem with them. Like everyone else have said, they usually deliver within 3 days.

I've recently been using CDWOW a lot more too and am well impressed with them. Again, discs usually plonk on my mat within 3 days.

That's my only problem with these companies is the 3 day wait!! :mad:

I WANT THEM NOW NOW NOW!!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :D


I know you mentioned Reg1 but what about Reg4 I have been very happy with Ezdvd at and there are some good prices and I usually get them within the week.


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I have been using Play for almost 4 years now. Can remeber my first DVD from them. You schould have seen my friends faces when I had The Matrix R1 :D

I have since ordered over 150 DVDs from them and have only encounterd a few problems which I blame th PO for and not play. when I have deened to phone them I have found them to be prompt, helpful and friendly. Full marks. I know that by only using Play I have no frame of reference on other companies but

If it 'aint broke :)



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Dont think ive seen absound ( mentioned yet
Another good canadian site who unlike dvdsoon dont charge your credit card until your order is dispatched - absound also seem to have dropped their prices recently too (competition from dvdsoon ?)
your other option in the price stakes is to use a dvd search engine like where you can enter the disc you want and search for it on R1 R2 R3 & R4
have fun ;)


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well so far [touches wood] PLAY have treated me well.EZY are cheap and good also.trying MOVIE TYME for lord of rings special see how good they are.did order 2 discs got 1 so far which was in stock and that was only orderd monday.o yes also FUTUREENT they have ben good to.either i`m riding my luck or i`m about to have major problems with 1 of the suppliers.we shall see.:)


Standard Member are ok but more problems have occurred as they've become more popular.

DVD Soon. Placed an order with these guys 3 weeks ago, seems very cheap, but have to wait til one item is released until it is shipped.

Deep Discount DVD. Avoid. Still waiting for a £100 order from mid August!

CD Wow - Bought from them twice and was impressed with the speed of delivery.

DVD Box Office - I don't think they have stock indicators on their site. I ordered a limited edition boxset which I was waiting to arrive, only to find out elsewhere it had sold out.

The next time I want an R1 DVD I'm gonna get a cheap flight to Florida and go shopping myself :)


Thank you folks for all your inputs. :)
They're greatly appreciated.


Another thumbs up for dvd soon.....good choice and very cheap prices....£9 - £13 for new R1 is pretty damn good. OK so you need to wait a couple of days longer but over the long run you're saving $'s. And if you order in larger quantity's shipping is free...saving more $$$'s

Here's a mail they sent out today dealing with some of the more negative issues people have stated in the shipping only the whole order is in stock. would be another top pick as they've never failed to deliver....and the shipping is pretty quick...what your PO does with it afterwards is another issue I guess. They just don't happen to be the cheapest....

Dear Customer,

You are receiving this email because, at one time or another you placed an order with us and because we will be making some major changes to our web site in the next few weeks in response to our customers feedback.

First major change is in shipping. We started using cardboard boxes to lower the chances that DVDs will be damaged in transit. Also, we put together a method to make sure large orders are no longer unduly delayed. What we will be doing, starting in November, is ship orders as we get stock instead of waiting for all items to be in stock. Stay tuned to our web site for more details.

In the last couple of weeks, some of our customers suffered delays when orders were complete, we are happy to report that we have managed to get back to our standard 24h shipping when your order is complete. Thus, in the future, if your order is ready, you can expect it to ship in the current business day or the following business day.

Another major change that will be implemented shortly is a better way to inform you of our stock status. When this is done, "In Stock" will mean that we have more items on hand than we have orders for a particular item.

Finally, some customers experienced delays in getting replies to their emails and voice mails. Here too, we are happy to say that we have hired people to make sure your emails are answered in a timely manner. Please, note that we give priority to requests pertaining to billing and shipped orders (lost parcels, damages items).

These are the major changes that will be implemented shortly. If you have other comments / suggestions, please, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. is a very open and transparent company. We will gladly listen to what you have to tell us and do whatever we can to remedy the situation.
If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us by replying to this email.


Had good service from DVDSoon. Ordered 8 discs and all arrived within 9 days of placing first order (includes time to clear my credit card details). Damn good.

Will be trying some others soon to gauge their reliability etc in order to get LOTF extended and Band of Brothers.

Looking forward to more packages...dribble :) .

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