your oppinions of this gPU

so im buying this from a member on here.

Zotac Nvidia GeForce GT220 1GB Zone Edition DDR2 PCI-E 2.0 HDMI Silent Graphics Card

just wanted your oppinions on the card. its specs look good, they're double in almost all catagories of what my PNY GeForce 210 sports.

games i play are things like bioshock, dead space, section 8, assassins creeds, most graphicaly heavy games im likely to be playing is dead space 2, assassinscred broherhood, lost planet 2 (all preorer atm lol) resident evil 5.

think this'll be okay for those?
if it helps i actually have a list of all the games im going to be buying, so i could upload the speadsheet of them as an attatchment or something

Sniper Ash6

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A review of the GT220 compared to the G210 can be found here: GeForce GT 220 And 210: DirectX 10.1 And 40nm Under $80 : Introduction

This should allow you to decide whether the gain is worth it to you or whether you should hold out for a better card. To pair with an i7 my vote would be to aim for a higher card but it all comes down to your budget and how big a PC gamer you are
well i have a 210 installed already, but was hoping the gt220 would be better for gaming, i dont really have setings up on high end of them so not a problem i guess. i was going to keep my 210 installed as a secondary gpu for sending movies over to a flat screen tv when i get one and to run a third monitor (which would be used for outlook, utorrent)

Sniper Ash6

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What resolution do you game at?
about 1080 7xx

varies between the games but thats about the general area for it


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Going to agree with Sniper here, if you have an i7 then it will be severely bottlenecked in games by a 210 or 220. Obviously it depends on budget and requirements, I would have a look at the GTS 250 as a minimum, being the first SLI capable card in the range. Seeing as your motherboard supports SLI you can always add a 2nd card in the future should you wish.

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