your opinions, Dilemma time!


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If you've been checking the special offers forum you will know that i bought a samsung RPTV (42" £600)from skybuy and am having some delevery problems.

It was ordered 6 weeks ago and i'm just off the phone with them and they tell me another 4 weeks!!

Here is my dilemma Do i tell sky buy to clear off and use the £600 to buy a 32" tv or just wait?

any opinions gratefully recieved!

:suicide: :suicide: :suicide:


there is a biiiiig difference in size..... what size of tv are you used to?



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At present i have a 29" square. I really want a RPTV but cant afford the £850 for a Tosh. I just dont want to be messed around by sky buy and then they dont deliver!
Need a new tv now!
The 32" has always been at the back of my mind and then a front projection next year.


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Wait it out. :)


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Mark, I have to agree with lynx. Hang on in there.

I have been waiting what seems like ages for the JVC 32". It only seemed to be on offer for about 20 mins until they were sold out so it must be a bargain that I am unlikely to see again for a long, long time.

I have been chasing & waiting for a little less time than you, but think that if you do now cancel & settle for a 32" for £600 you will begin to regret it in a few weeks. Just think of what a bargain someone else will be getting if you do cancel.

Excel finally rang this week to say that they will be delivering mine on Monday. Even now I don't feel that it will really happen, or that the TV won't have some kind of issue & have to be rejected for a refund which won't even get me a comparable 28". But if it does come off then it will have been worth the wait.

Until then I have a trusty old 8 year old Goodmans 28" square.

Good luck.


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I got the Ferguson 32" with tasty stand for £200 and the 100hz Thomson 28" with pureflat screen and 40 watt rear firing subwoofer for £250 (with stand and dvd/vcr too which is coming monday). There are some real bargains to be had. I say wait it out and if they don't deliver in the time they say then seek compensation through the courts. My dilemma is deciding what to keep the basic 32" Ferguson or the feature packed 28".


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thanks guys :clap:
you have made my mind up, going to hold in there!
Its bound to be delivered before xmas!

28" square tvs arent that bad! my tosh must be 9 years old now and still going ok.


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