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Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

I am in the process of extending and refurbishing my home.

There will be two rooms I want to feature visual/audio equipment.

Lounge - Approx 5m x 4.5m. A TV room which I will put in my Sony Bravia 55x8509c which I have had for a couple of years. We don’t want any/much surround sound in here. Maybe just a soundbar.


Main room - An open plan room around 10m x 8m. This room will have the kitchen with island at one side and a sitting room with TV at the other. In this room we want a good music system for entertaining.


Considerations - first hurdle, I have a wife! She dislikes speakers, doesn’t hear any difference between TV speakers or surround sound. Doesn’t like the ‘noise’ from a sub. To her it’s a waste of money and it all looks ugly.

She will allow me around £2000 on audio and £1800 on a new TV for the main room. She will only allow small satellite speakers and a couple of in-ceiling speakers. No floor standing, no bookshelf, no in-wall. We’ve previously had Bose Acoustimass and she is OK with the size of those speakers only.

I know, you will be thinking, get her told, it’s your house too. But I don’t allow her to spend a fortune on new outfits every week so this is just her getting me back. Happy wife, happy life, as they say.

So my thoughts so far. Of my budget for audio I’m going to split it around £1,500 for the main room and around £500 for the lounge.

In my last house I had a Bose Acoustimas system, I was happy with it, I used it for 5.1 and for music when entertaining. So I’m naturally thinking Bose Acoustimass again, it will keep the wife happy with the size of speaker and I was happy with the performance. The largest difference this time though is the size of the main room. I’m not sure a 5.1 will cut it. So I’ve thought to add a couple of in-ceiling speakers in the middle.

So I’ve thought - Denon AvR-X2700h av receiver. Bose Acoustimass 10 series V speakers and sub. With 2 x Monitor Audio in-ceiling c180’s in the middle.

Would the C180’s work as Atmos?

The setup for the main room has been priced at £1,499 by Exceptional-AV

Then a Denon DHT-S716H for the Lounge which would link with the main room via HEOS for when we want music in both rooms. £599 at

Please share your thoughts and/recommendations. Baring in mind the budget and speaker/wife issue.



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It´s not that 5.1 wouldn´t cut it, it´s more about that the speaker/sub size in 80sqm room, bit silly idea but if you can´t change the wife either then you are out of luck. The ceiling speakers won´t help you cause they are for overhead effect channels. I don´t think you get much praise for Bose at any audio forum. Overpriced lifestyle system and the sound quality is what it is. They are marketed strongly and people don´t know anything better so easy choice for many.

I would pick Cambridge Audio Minx Min 22 speakers over the Boses if no other options, they are similar sized cubes and cheaper. I believe these will sound better than Boses! They have been very popular all over world nearly 10years for people who requires very small speakers! You can also save further if picking Denon X2600H (429£) which still has most features one can dream of! Also notice you get longer 6year warranty to normal 2years from Exceptional! Clearly this would suit much better to lounge, but up to you mate.

Hope you at least buy large tv for that massive space! With your budget you can get 75" and 82" tv`s with a quick check from Richer Sounds. I would be suprised if wife would nagg about tv size cause it`s one of the most important factor to bring that cinematic feeling. Optimal viewing distance (4K):

65"5.4-8.1 feet
70"5.8-8.75 feet
75"6.3-9.4 feet
80"6.7-10 feet
85"7.1-10.6 feet

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Lounge - would be good to see a floor plan showing the Kitchen, Dining and Seating area.

SONOS/MusicCast - I would be tempted to throw a few 'zone player' type speakers into the Lounge and allow yourself the ability to 'zone' the room as in an open plan space you often want to have multiple activities going on simultaneously and or differing volume levels across the space.


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