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Ok, so it's New Year's Eve and I thought it would be interesting to get everyone's view on their Top 5 Music of 2021.

This does not necessarily need to be music release in 2021 but music you first heard in 2021 and can be single, album or artist.

Here's my starter for ten (five!) in no particular order.

1) Spiritbox - Eternal Blue. These guys are at the front on the new popular metal movement, this album has everything, stupidy heavy (Holy Roller), thoughtful (Constance) and some real bangers (Yellow Jacket).
2) Rivers of Nihil - The Work. A newish band for me this year and this heavy blackend death metal with a decent amount of variety hit the mark.
3) Mastodon - Hushed and Grim. This is 1hr26min of what Matodon do best: sludgy, progressive groove metal. Maybe a little bloated but still one of their best after Crack the Skye.
4) Swallow the Sun - Moonflowers. I've listened to quite a bit of Doom Metal (Atmospheric or not) this year and this is one of the best. Vocals are extremely good ina dreamy, ethereal way and I find that works so well with the sabbathesque underpinnings.
5) Kauan - Ice Fleet. With only three lines of vocals inthe whole album these guys just know how to paint a landscape with music, in this case the frozen icesspaces of northern Russia where a fleet of ships were found abandaoned for no real reason. A great follow up to Sorni Nai.

Honorable Mentions - Lethian Dreams, Sleep Token, Thy Catafalque, Dordeduh, Outrun the Sunlight, Funeral and 1914 who all produced top class albums this year.

Disappointments this year - OBVIOUSLY THERE BEING NO LIVE MUSIC !!! Also, possibly controversially, I would say Gojira who's album at the start of the year just felt too commercially driven and maybe Jinjer who produced some brilliant singles (Wallflower and Vortex) but the album just did not stack up as a whole.


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5. Archspire: Bleed the future
4. Swallow the sun: Moonflowers
3. Carcus: Torn arteries
2. Mastadon: Hushed & grim
1. Between the buried & me: Colours II

Spiritbox is on a lot of peoples top 10 so have ordered the vinyl for that too.


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@Hawklord nice list, also thanks for reminding me of Between the Buried and Me, should have been on my Honorable Mentions list, cracking album but again a little bloated and could have cut ten minutes out of it.
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1. Three Hour Tour - Looking for Tomorrow
2. Sitcom Neighbor - Shag
3. Bobby Emmett - Learning Love
4. Bryan Scary - Birds
5. Candy Claws - Ceres and Calypso in the Deep Time

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In no particular order:

Christine & The Queens (have ended up buying all 3 albums, including the French version of "Chris").
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - "Raise The Roof" (long-awaited sequel)
Nitin Sawhney - "Imigrants" (even longer-awaited sequel)
Miles Davis - "Kind Of Blue" (I finally got my hands on the UHQR pressing and it's breathed new life into an already great album
Bruce Springsteen - "Letter To You" (just brilliant)


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Also in no particular order: not all 2021 releases, but things that I stumbled across or played a lot this year.

1. Thylacine - Timeless - very good Classical/Electronic crossover.


2. BACH: The Art of Life - various Bach family members on a beautiful album.

3. JARV IS - REMIX ED - Jarvis Cocker is still around and doing some cool Electronic stuff.


4, Yello - Point


5. Melody Gardot - Sunset in The Blue


Honourable mention to the entire genre of Electro-Swing which I didn't really even know about until this year.

Honourable mention also to the Taylor Swift re-releases. The kids like her and even for an old git like me I thought the re-released albums were pretty good.

Also honourable mention to Qobuz for having high quality recordings and eclectic mix of music that doesn't insist on playing me stuff that sounds exactly like what I already know about.


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Some good things I’ve listened to this year…

  • Ishmael Ensemble - Visions of Light (vinyl is awful! 🤯)
  • Melanie Di Biasio - No Deal
  • O/Modernt - White Light
  • Matthew Halsall - Oneness (vinyl is ace!)
  • Chassol - Indiamore

Not sure any of them apart from the first one are new!

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No particular order
1.Raise the Roof- Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
2.Senjutsu- Iron Maiden
3.Skellig- David Gray
4.Hushed & Grim-Mastodon
5.Hardware- Billy Gibbons

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A few stood out for me - not everyone's cup of tea judging by the reviews of some of these. What do they know :)

Imelda May - 11 past the hour
Narina Pallot - The Graduate (a 2009 release i heard for the 1st time)
Cowboy Junkies - Ghost
Chvrches - Screen Violence
Birds of Tokyo - Human Design

Someone introduced me to both Lord Huron and Boards of Canada so now have many of their albums in the ever growing library. Trouble is I rarely delete anything from it.

Happy new year.

These boards are one of the things that have stopped me going crazy in the last 2 years of the plague.

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