Your most valuable DVD's!!?


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That's right!!! What are your most valuable DVD's and how much did you pay for them...

I think this will be a very interesting topic to get started!!!


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I don't usually pay over the odds for my dvd collection often waiting till titles appear in the bargain bins. The most I've spent is on the collectors editions of both tlotr titles(around £35).
The most valuable titles in my collection are not necessarily the most valued though as some of the most classic films can be picked up for very little money these days:)


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I would have to say mine would be Tarzan Collector's Edition!
Along with with perhaps Halloween 2 Disc R1, and the very limited edition Anchor Bay Army Of Darkness!!!

Indiana Jones

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Mine has to be Red Dwarf Series 1 DVD, it is signed by the 4 Main Cast Members :D

Second would be my copy of Star Wars Episode 1 because Ray Park (Darth Maul) has signed Disc 1 in Gold Pen.


Well the main ones are disney

Jungle Book
Little Mermaid
Beauty and the Beast ce
Tarzan ce (i have a few of these to resell a little later)
Lady and the tramp
Snow White Ce
Amicus Coffin(Havent bothered opening it yet)

I have more Disney films, but still buy them now
and then Tin sets then (BOB)

then the rest are expensive, but that is what they gonna cost you now.


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Got a lot of collector's/special editions...


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Dragons Forever, autographed by both Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan.


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mines would be

GODFATHER box set @ 22.99 from
LOTR : FOTR Extended @ 14.99 from cd-wow
LOTR : TTT Extended @ 17.99 from


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cant beat laser disc for value tho my nice £108 natural born killers box set now on dvd for 6.99 lol


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Yes my laserdisc 9 disc box set of the oringinal star wars trilogy cost more than a small house, well £169 and weighs more than a mini metro.


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I have a few deleted discs which seem to be worth money now (well, on ebay at least!).
Killer-Criterion-cost about £25. Genuine copies on ebay seem to be going for over £100, crazy.
Hard Boiled-Criterion
Spinal Tap-Criterion
Little Shop of Horror (recalled version with alternate ending)
I have a copy Of Dead and Buried signed by Robert Englund (I would imagine it's worth much though)
Wouldn't think of parting with them though.
Don't even get me started about laserdiscs. The amount of money I spent on them.:mad:


I reckon for most times watched the James Bond boxed set is the most expensive (£135) but best value for money (£6.50) per dvd I own. Hours of good old yarns!!


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Cant argue with BOND!!!
I have the robocop Criterion too...
Laserdiscs...oh boy, what a waste!!!
and could dvd go the way of laserdiscs with release of blu ray discs!!!??


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Definitely Alien Head set (although I won't know the final price until customs have had their chunk)


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mine has to be a jim carrey signed copy of me myself and irene and £25 for titanic when it first came out what a mug


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I have the original Laserdisc version of Texas Cahinsaw Massacre signed by Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface) and the last release of the original versions of the Star Wars trilogy on Laserdisc signed by Dave Prowse (Darth Vader).



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The ones I have paid most for are my seven Walt Disney Treasures DVDs and my Korean Dances with Wolves

I also have quite a few others around the £50/60 mark...

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I've got:

Armageddon - Jap DTS OOP
Dogville LE - Seen that go on eBay for over £90
Dances with Wolves DTS - Japanese leather cover
Hero Japanese LE - DVD enterprise are selling it for £80
Y Tu Mama Tambien - Charolasta Edition from Mexico - Sold on ebay for $150

Ed Selley

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What price an R1 fight club signed by Pitt, Norton and Bonham Carter? Girlfriend won it some time ago. Love the film and the signatures are a nice addition. Also have a copy of Wild Things signed by Denise Richards. Every DVD itself however is ordinary stuff.


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Hi the dvds im most proud to own own
Black mask fully uncut taiwanese version(oop) paid£20
History of beavis n buthead (recalled version) paid £40
Robocop criterion paid £20
akira tin paid £20
Hellraiser 1+2 tin paid £30.

on another note i do have a reservoir dogs mr brown still sealed but knowone wants to buy it,so im thinking everyone has this and maybe one of the other colours is actually rarer.

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