Your most anticipated Wii game announcement possibilities?


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Lets forget about the releases we're waiting for for a minute, just thought it'd be interesting to see what are everyones most anticipated game announcements for the Wii would be.

We all know there will be some huge classics in the pipeline just waiting to be revealed, likely some of which are already quietly in development. No doubt there will also be a few surprises too!

Pop down the games you expect or hope will be making an appearance on the Wii in the not too distant future:thumbsup:

Here are mine, not really in any particular order:

1. MarioKart, with 8 player online please Nintendo. This must be the most certain future release out of them all, perhaps they'll hold off this one until console sales start slowing for obvious reasons:D

2. Pikmin3, would be crying out for pointer support and should sit very nicely on the Wii console line-up.

3. Mario Golf, motion sensing control & again with online this would be a classic! The only thing that spoiled the cube version for me was the crazy difficulty of putting when close to the cup.

4. Mario Tennis, loved the gamecube version so would like to see an update, especially with added online play.

5. Wii Sports Golf, I know I already mentioned Mario Golf but I just love the small version of this game in the Wii Sports package, the controls are almost perfect for me. With online play, several full courses & some minor tweaks such as increased difficulty playing from rough/bunkers etc. this could make a fantastic full game IMO.

6. Final Fantasy Tactics, it's already announced on DS so can't see any reason why it shouldn't make a return to home consoles. Seeing as the Wii version of Fire Emblem has sidestepped pointer control, perhaps this could be the one to set the standard for new controls methods in turn based tactics games.

7. Tactics Ogre, similar to above but I'm probably doing a spot of wishful thinking on this one, the GBA version was a superb. Perhaps if Final Fantasy Tactics did make an appearance it could follow. Maybe even Vandal Hearts could be possible as it was announced on the DS when that was first released but sadly disappeared after that.

8. Excite Truck 2, really hopeful on this as I love the first one, give us some new courses, slightly better graphics + 8 player online and I'll be happy as a pig in :censored:

9. Wave Race, only played the first one for a short time but I remember it was alot of fun so would look forward to a new version with updated graphics.

10. F-Zero, yet another Nintendo classic racer, could be a challenge to get this one running at full speed with online play but imagine it:cool:

They're the ones that pop into my mind, for certain there are plenty others I haven't thought of though, fire away....


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Mario Tennis and Golf would be very close for me. Even though I'm not a fan, if George Lucas sanctions a Wii Star Wars, I will buy a Wii. I want to play as Darth :devil: More fun :D

*Hopefully racing games do not use tilt controls. It wouldn't work?


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Mario Kart for me as it's one of my favourite games,i still have the snes cartridge of the game.
Also i'd love to see a decent Star Wars game.


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Good list, Tetlee!

I'll take Final Fantasy Tactics any day, the game was amazing on PlayStation, unfortunately it was never released in Europe, thankfully I got it on import. Apparently it was not a great seller, seems people preferred the original FF style of game which I've never got on with at all. Here's hoping they add it to the list, just the sort of game the Wii needs.

...and Excite Truck 2 would rock my socks! :smashin:


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I don't think i could think of a better list than that Tetlee :smashin:

Just a couple to add though :D

Stunt Race FX Wii style !

PilotWings Need i say any more !

Top Gear Rally If anyone remembers that one on the N64 ?

Mishief Makers Loved that game on the N64 too, as wells as:

Blast Corps Such fun ! :thumbsup:

That just about wraps it up for me so far ! :)


Ooo.. never knew this place had a gaming discussion place before! :D

Anyway what I'd reeeally like, (although I might be in the minority here!) is if they had a Phantasy Star Online game for the Wii! :D

I think it would be brilliant! For those of you that are unfamiliar with it, PSO is a Massively Multiplayer Online Action RPG with a selection of classes, races and most importantly weaponry! The hack and slash melee combat would translate sooo well with the wiimote (think the Zelda players can agree with me there! ;)) and I'm sure the gunplay would be further enhanced by the Wiimote as well.. it would be a great game to showcase the Wiis new online functionality and seeing as the new one (Phantasy Star Universe) is already out on the PS2, Xbox 360 and PC I'm sure a port shouldn't take too long.. c'mon Sega! :lease:


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I'd quite like to see some sort of Harmonix rhythm title that just used the remote as opposed to an expensive peripheral, something along the lines of the Rock band title announced recently, but released on the wii (I don't think rock band is currently scheduled for wii..... please correct me if I'm worng?).

My current hope is that the music game by Nintendo themselves turns out to be a cracker....whenever it comes out.

Oh yeah and I'd like to see Powerdrom attempted with the remote, i know Tetlee mentioned F-zero, but I just feel the multi axis flight of Powerdrom would be ideally suited to the remote...... of course they could always allow the f-zero ships to fly which could be just as good.


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star wars
wave race
mario kart


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I'd be happy with one or more of the following :

Brian Lara 07 for the Wii or any cricket sim. Really building on the wii sports baseball control system but just imagine batting and bowling for 5 days in a Test :)

Ghost Recon or a GRAW port, mixture of FPS with some strategy and multiplayer option or even LAN/WAN play. Now that'd be good.

One of the Total War series. Why not. Love Rome:Total War and the control system would work well.

Mark Botwright

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I'd be happy with one or more of the following :

Brian Lara 07 for the Wii or any cricket sim. Really building on the wii sports baseball control system but just imagine batting and bowling for 5 days in a Test :)

Only if you got a bonus drunken pedallo mission:D


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1. Goldeneye but using the wiimote to aim - imagine how class this would be :)

2. Wii Sports Tennis where you can move your character using the nunchuk joystick - this would finish this title off for me (I love it already mind you!!)

3. A Wii Sports Ice Hockey game where your wiimote was the ice hockey stick and the nunchuk joystick was used to move you. I love ice hockey games (NHL Hitz 2003 is class) and this would be great fun!

4. Half Life 2 with the wiimote to aim, nunchuk to move (again!!).

Bring it on Ninty!!


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I hear Guitar Hero 3 will be coming out on the Wii, so I'm awaiting an announcement for that!
I'm also hoping for some classic Sega arcade shooters - House of the Dead and Virtua Cop.

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