Your ideal screen/model for HD?


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Feb 5, 2004
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Hi. In the next few months I plan to purchase a plasma or LCD. I am also very excited about High Definition and also plan to get Euro1080. I am therfore posting here as I would like an oppinion from the HD experts (i.e. anyone besides myself!) as to what screen they would consider purchasing if money etc were not a problem. Brands I have considered are Hitachi, Panasonic, and Pioneer but I am still not sure which is best for HD. From what I have read so far I think the new Hitachi 5000 would be ideal but I may be wrong? Any tips before I spend would be greatly appreciated.
I would also like to know what the best screen for Euro1080, JVC DTHEATRE VHS and DVD players with Windows Media Player HD outputs.


Hi Ricardfred,

I would suggest you look at 768 resolution plasmas, which at present would include Panasonic, Pioneer, Sony and NEC in 42/43" sizes. The new NEC 42XM2/S and upcoming Pioneer 434MXE would be at the top of my list if I was in the market for one. These screens would also be great for a 720p WMVHD signal. Hope this helps.

you could also look at most 32" + LCD screens, which will offer 768 vertical res and will probably handle 1080i very nicely.

Or any of several projectors.

720p native is probably the best you can expect at the current time though. There are no 1080 native res panels available for sale as far as I know.

As Horny says, the 1024x1024 screens are called ALIS and are really made for interlaced signals. As 1080i is an interlaced signal, I would expect it to look pretty good, although you lose a few lines at the top and bottom to fit 1080 into 1024. You would have to check with Hitachi if the 5000 can take 1080i - I don't think the previous 3000 model could. Future HD-DVD and upcoming WM9 titles will offer 1080p, so an ALIS screen wouldn't be ideal for that - you would be better off with a 768p screen (like my MXE) that can take a 1080p signal and then scale it the native 768p. Hope this helps.

Thanks for those replies. I now am more knowledgeable as to what direction to go in. Steve you mention there may be a Pioneer 434MXE. What is the difference between an MXE and HDE? Just interested in why it would be top of your list rather than HDE model.

The new MXE models should be out in April and will be cheaper than the HDE models with the media box. The MXEs have a removable video card which allows you to replace it with cards from third party manufacturers like Aurora and Key Digital which offer extra features. I expect the new standard card to have DVI-HDCP to allow it to accept HD video resolutions aswell as the computer resolutions that the current PDA-5002 card accepts. The MXEs are also more "calibration-friendly" to enable you to get the best out of the display. Hope this helps.


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