Your Idea Of A Perfect Day -


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Perfect day - it would have to be sunny, I would take the long winding scenic route to the coast in my weekend blast with the top down. The wife would be on mute so I don't have to listen to her yelling at me to slow down and the roads would be mysteriously quiet! Although perhaps every now again another like-minded motorist might appear for a bit of cat & mouse. Once we get to the coast then a nice walk along the beach (the wife would be off mute), stop to get some lunch, then eventually head home for beers and a BBQ.

That would do me nicely, Eat Sleep Repeat!

In reality though it's more likely to rain, be stuck behind a caravan with the wife moaning on about why didn't we just go down the dual carriageway as we would have been there 30 minutes ago.

I can but dream...


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Any none working day is kind of perfect.


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All sounded plausible until the midges bit 😂


Putin gets thrown out of office, and they hand him over to The Hague to be tried for war crimes.


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A perfect day would definitely have these as key components:

  • beautiful weather around west coast Scotland
  • family
  • detailing one of the cars listening to music from the late 80s
  • going for a drive on some of amazing driving roads
  • going for a motorcycle ride on aforementioned roads
  • barbecue/open fire under a clear night sky, marvelling at the millions of stars I never see any more because I live in a city.
  • beer


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Lemmy, Robbo & the guys already defined it for me:


Robbo was in the band for one album, but was probably better suited or Thin Lizzy.




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Ha, I came here to comment that exact thing. I went absolutely nowhere on Saturday & it was an excellent day!
Driving is the bane of my existence. I'm thinking of new ways to avoid traffic lately, because of all the distracted drivers out there, which I like to call the idiot parade.
Yesterday I ordered some takeout, & I went round the back to park & walk up, to avoid the morons who are blasting in out of the front.

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I would love to have 24 hours of no pain ... Last time i was pain free was when I was 17 years old .. now i'm 63


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Smoke a joint or two. It's no medical miracle, but it helps you forget :smashin:


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Today is pretty much perfect for me. Sun is out, walking the dog, views all round...


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Deleted member 770082

Smoke a joint or two. It's no medical miracle, but it helps you forget :smashin:
i quit cig smoking 7 years ago .... Just as well as it's expensive now .. I just rely on my TENS machine now . Had to turn off the Hot Tub as now the Electric is sky high . Just about immune to meds now , but trouble is , I get real bad headaches if i suddenly stop taking them ( probably addicted ) but no idea

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